Installing a new office space is no small task, and there are many things to remember during this important phase for a business. Whether you’re relocating to Charlotte or setting up a business for the first time, here are some essential things to remember when installing a new office.

1.  Get the Numbers Right

You will need to ensure you have an accurate list of numbers when it comes to things such as your employees, the quantity of office furniture needed, and the dimension of the office space. Failing to get accurate numbers in the early stages of the planning process could mean that you end up dealing with severe errors further down the line.

2. Decide on the Layout

There are several ways to set up an office space, and you should decide this before any office or furniture installation happens. For example, do you want an open-plan office space or individual booths for your employees? These important questions about the layout of the office could impact many other decisions, so make sure you know what you want early on.

3. Communication is Important

It’s very important to communicate with your staff about any changes to an office space. If you’re relocating, let your team members know as soon as possible. Keep them updated about any changes that will affect them. Similarly, let your customers and suppliers know about the changes as soon as you can.

4. You Have Options for Office Furniture

There isn’t just one type of office furniture, and there are options for you to consider when installing your office. You can buy new or used furniture, choose some customized furniture, or take your existing furniture to the new space. Furniture installation is an important part of setting up any office and should be factored into your plans and timelines.

5. Visit the Space in Advance

Even if you’re relocating far away from your current office, you should take some time to view the space in advance. This will give you the opportunity to confirm the dimensions and get a perspective of the office space that you wouldn’t be able to get online through videos and photos. If you can’t visit it personally, delegate this task to a trusted team member.

6.  Book Your Suppliers Early

If you need to work with office movers, furniture installers, and other suppliers, book them as early as possible to avoid disappointment or delays. Some companies get booked up very early, and you might miss out on your preferred suppliers if you wait too long to book a slot.

7.  Set a Timeframe

It’s easier to plan your office and furniture installation when you have a project plan and a timeline to work toward. It also helps you to communicate your plans to other staff and suppliers who are working with you on this. Set a timeframe with individual deadlines for tasks and try to stick to this plan as much as is feasible.

8.  Assign a Project Manager

Having a dedicated person assigned to the project can help things run smoother. It helps everyone involved to know whom to go to if there are any problems, and it ensures that there is somebody with full oversight of the moving and installation processes. If you are not acting as the project manager, you can set up regular meetings to check in with the person who is.

Getting the Right Furniture For Your New Office

Furniture is an important part of any new office in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Quality Installers can help you to get the equipment and the service you need.

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