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Cremation has become more popular throughout recent years, and now more people are choosing to be cremated over traditional funeral burials.

So, why exactly are cremation services so popular? These widespread decisions toward cremation are largely driven by factors like religious considerations, funeral costs and funeral personalization. It’s been estimated that about 80% of all people will choose cremation by the year 2040, and that traditional burial rates will fall to around 15% in the same time.

The cremation services springfield ohio experts at Jackson Lytle & Lewis have supported thousands of families with cremations, and they’ve provided the below list of nine important reasons why families often choose cremation services:


Cremation is much more affordable as compared to traditional burials, but these costs will sometimes depend upon whether or not you’re going to hold a ceremony.

Cremation technically is just a type of bodily disposition, but many people will hold a wake or visitation that coincides with cremation services. The most affordable option is direct cremation, which doesn’t entail any ceremonial services.

Urn and memorial services will cost more, but a lot of families will host these ceremonies on their own to save money.

Flexible Funeral Service Options

Traditional funerals need to happen as soon as possible after a person’s death, because embalming procedures will only temporarily slow down the decomposing process. This means that friends and family members must travel almost immediately for the burial service, but this is totally different with cremations.

There’s often no sense of urgency to hold funeral services when someone decides to be cremated, and many funeral services are held at more convenient times for people to plan their traveling—which could be weeks or even months later.

More Eco-Friendly

Although cremations aren’t quite as eco-friendly as green burials, they’re still much more environmentally conscious as compared to traditional burials.

Traditional burials require many things like land, embalming services, and coffin/casket purchases. Cremation on the other hand doesn’t require any of these things, which makes it an attractive option for a lot of eco-friendly individuals who want to give back to the planet as one final favor.

Inclusivity & Creativity

Most people associate traditional burials with religious ceremonies, and a lot of people don’t prefer these types of ceremonies for their post-life care. America has undoubtedly become more secular throughout recent years, and traditional funerals are now less appealing for a lot of people.

Cremation services are now considered to be a more inclusive approach for an individual’s final arrangements, and cremation also offers many creative ways for families to commemorate a loved one’s life. Whether it’s through ashes being turned into jewelry or spreading ashes in a special place, there are many options for what families can do after cremation services.

Gathering Distant Family Members

It can be difficult to gather family members that live far away for funeral services on short notice, and this often leads to many people not attending traditional funeral services.

But when you choose cremation, you’ll give your friends and loved ones plenty of time to plan for the funeral ceremony. And because your ashes will remain intact, these ceremonies can take place months after your passing.


Planning a funeral is never easy, and choosing a more convenient end-of-life option doesn’t mean that you didn’t love your family member as much as people who choose traditional burials. Cremation services are often a better option for families, partly because it’s less emotionally draining and much faster.

Cremation is also a convenient memorial option for people, because you’ll be able to take your loved one’s ashes with you in case you end up moving in the future


It’s unfortunate how many funeral homes across the country will take advantage of families by tacking on extra costs that people originally are unaware of. These added costs can significantly increase your overall funeral budget, which can often leave people financially drained.

One reason why people choose cremation services is because they can eliminate the need to sift through funeral service options, choose a casket, or deal with hidden funeral home charges.

More Efficient End-Of-Life Arrangements

Because there’s less activity involved in the cremation process, it’s subsequently more efficient.

It’s always difficult when your family loses a loved one, and planning out end-of-life arrangements can often be very hard when you’re already emotionally distraught. Cremation services can eliminate a lot of the stress that goes with making these types of arrangements, which means that the entire process will be much faster.

Always Being With Your Loved One

Many people choose to be cremated because their ashes can be placed in urns that are then placed within their homes.

Urns are often special memorial spaces within a home’s décor, and this allows your loved ones to always be with you long after your passing.

Contact The Funeral Experts at Jackson Lytle & Lewis When You or Your Loved One Needs Cremation Services in Springfield Ohio

It’s normal to have a lot of questions when you’re pre-planning your own cremation services, and this is especially the case if you’re preparing your loved one’s end-of-life arrangements shortly after their passing.

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