If there is one exact definition of what defines an Apple product, it is undoubtedly the Apple Watch. A product whose technology arrived when the entire competition had their own proposals on the market, launched a year after the rest of the brands flooded their windows with their models, it’s enough to remember what the Mobile World Congress was. In 2015. In the following years, this wave of “innovations” gradually died.

The Apple Watch Series 6 adds years of experience to reach a generation more mature than ever.

On the contrary, Apple Watch, whose goal has matured from generation to generation: The company has managed to adjust the delicate balance that a brand that focuses only on technology can not achieve, aesthetics and design as a portable product and its usability as a device . . In the latest versions, Apple has built us the idea of ​​a product oriented from aesthetics to sports and health.

With good reason, Tim Cook in the main test showed successes where the watch has improved or even saved more people’s lives by avoiding health problems before they know them, or by helping to contact their doctor or emergency in the most dangerous cases. While most of us are not looking for a device that saves our lives, hopefully it is never necessary, it never hurts to remember that what we now carry on our wrists could one day do. Without counting this extreme, let’s see why at least the Apple Watch improves our daily lives, carried by this version of the Series 6.

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Apple Watch Series 6, visibly discreet

One of the disadvantages that the Apple Watch has always had was the perpetual comparison with high-end watches, which are practically jewels. Apple has had to face some disadvantage as they do not offer different case models to differentiate with, as the watch industry itself does. Even under the pretext of becoming something along the lines of this, the game that the changes in straps and their license for third-party brands to literally get into thousands of them today is one of the strengths of the watch.

With Series 6, Apple dares to use two new colors, which are not discreet, but which continue to maintain the product’s image.

We had to wait, yes, until Apple had to be more daring with the materials it offers its customers. Silver, gold, space gray, some white ceramic models are now abandoned, but nothing revolutionary other than the traditional. Series 6 changes this direction and introduces us to two new case colors: one in red, which continues to support (PRODUCT) RED campaign against AIDS, and another in blue aluminum. The first is undoubtedly the most striking and completely differentiated in appearance and obviously wants to attract attention.

Blue aluminum is sober, but with the elegant touch that gives a midnight color, and which of course is much easier to combine – of course – than red. The model given for the analysis is the latter and personally it is sober and discreet, sometimes and in low light, perhaps even a little too dark to make us think we are facing a space gray. On a daily basis, the color change is perceived visibly and integrates perfectly with the screen and clock sensors we are used to. Personally, this blue is my favorite color in this generation.

The case is practically the same from the outside as the one we had in the 5 Series. Same dimensions and weight, absolute lightness on the wrist and a certain comfort for e.g. To wear the watch at home or sleep alone. meters – something that I personally have always found uncomfortable in other “traditional” watches. The new materials involved are identical to those we already know from other years, and undoubtedly follow the same high level of build quality.

More changes besides color

Inside, the changes are more than remarkable. So, we took apart a Series 6 only to find that Apple managed to simplify the components by eliminating the Force Touch system, which simulated tapping on different levels of the screen to access its sub-menus. This has changed some of the actions we previously performed when pressing hard on the screen, such as “delete all messages”, which is now presented as an option at the top of the screen. In other cases, like tuning balls, it continues to “simulate” a powerful touch on the screen that works the same way we did with Force Touch.

In my opinion, eliminating Force Touch is deceiving us in some actions that we are used to and that I think Apple could have falsified a Force Touch very similar to the one we had with this new hardware -as happens in the choice of chips- simple update of the operating system. This is likely to happen in WatchOS 8. In the meantime, there are ways to do everything we will need to get used to so far.

This small toll achieves a new, almost extreme miniaturization in the internal components, which includes a new way to disassemble the watch (on the side), and which provides us with greater improvements on a day-to-day basis, such as a battery and a larger Taptic Engine. . . The first, of course, spreads the load on the product, and the second significantly improves the notifications and vibrations it transmits. In everyday life, vibrations become more precise and less “artificial”, being able to show more nuances without being radically different from what we know.

Internal redesign enhances interaction with the Taptic engine and battery efficiency

However, one type of message is more noticeable than another, not only because of the duration or the movement itself, but also because of its hardness. A small change that makes it more comfortable, especially for people who were uncomfortable with unexpected messages on their wrists. The interior redesign reveals formidable building skills and engineering and is enhanced by an extraordinary level of miniaturization.

The screen also undergoes a significant change, and that is that it is twice as bright as in Series 5, in standby mode. That is, when you turn it on, it is identical to the previous generation, but if we consult it quietly, we will notice a more defined screen and with more light. In addition to this, it is interactive, ie. we can move around the control center or touch the ball’s complications in standby mode. Very useful to consult the watch without turning the wrist, especially when we are outdoors. In my tests, I found it particularly comfortable when I train on an elliptical bike, when I keep my hands on the machine or run outdoors.

S6 chip, AI reaches our wrist

In terms of performance improvements, the new heart in this Series 6 is the new “system on chip” S6, which is about 20% faster than the Series 5. However, there is much more to note about this new processor – Home, is based on A13 Bionic chip in iPhone 11, aimed at improving performance and power management. First, the applications are practically instantaneous when opened, so you will notice the change from the first use.

The interface responds fully to any touch (it also discriminates against tampering), and new WatchOS 7 pop-up animations help enhance the user experience: the way controls are drawn on the screen, zoomed in or out of the selector, transitions… Daily use happens instantly throughout the product that you would expect in a device you carry on your wrist and that you will interact with as quickly as possible.

A more comfortable battery

Along with the larger battery size comes the improved energy efficiency that Apple brings us with the S6 chip. Basically, the system learns from our usage patterns to know when to turn a sensor on or off or pause certain functions. The best way to test it using the clock for 24 hours in a row without turning off messages or functions (sink, etc.) or using any power saving mode.

  • Kl. 8 I start the day clockwise with a fully charged battery.
  • Training: outdoor running with GPS activated (in autonomous mode without carrying an iPhone) and 15 minute elliptical bike, both controlled by the training application.
  • Sampling with background-activated blood oxygen. Three tests with the application during the day performed manually.
  • Calls, notifications, use of various applications during the day, such as Apple Maps, Apple Music, Shortcuts, Siri…
  • 10:17 (14 hours since last charge) the battery reached 50%. I continue to work in front of the computer until midnight with the clock on.
  • Kl. 00:00 the battery reaches 45%. I activate hibernation and leave it overnight to monitor the hibernation level (hibernation can only be activated when the watch has more than 30% battery. Otherwise it asks us to charge it until we reach a minimum of this value to use at night and avoid disconnection).
  • The clock wakes me up at 8:00, the sleep mode turns off. The watch’s battery is now at 33% after using it 24 hours without interruption, sports with it, using applications and without any limitation of messages or energy savings.

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