The government e-procurement system has been implemented successfully in many states, and the union territories. E-procurement has strong security features, which include authentication digital signature certificate, bit encryption at the client, and role-based user access, and many more.

Each document that has been posted at the site must follow all the security features, which are listed above. The primary objective of the e-procurement portal of the Government of India, government e procurement is to provide single-point access to documents made across various departments. It is also integrated with government e-Marketplace

Advantage of e-procurement portal in India

The E-procurement government system of India helps in saving time, and cost of many organizations like the Indian Army, Indian Oil has proved these facts. The transparency that has been brought by the procurement process is the most important feature of the procurement portal of the government system of India.

Due to the portal of the e-Procurement system, there is wide visibility of that all the tenders on the portal at the same time that helps in reducing the advertisements, which were given earlier in the newspapers, that eventually helps in savings.

A problem with the Legacy procurement system is human error. When humans add data in spreadsheets and do some errors while doing so, then it does not approve the purchase order and, therefore they will be left as it is but, the automation overcomes this challenge instead of humans, who enter data in a spreadsheet by hand, now computers will do so the with zero error.

The next advantage of e-Procurement is budgeting, as budgeting is an important aspect of E-procurement. With Legacy system budget, calculations will be done by hand and, there is low visibility but, the e-Procurement system will automate all these, and only authorized users will be able to see the budget. The most important advantage of the e-Procurement is that one can view all the orders in one place and one can also compare the goods and services

If one will switch to the e-Procurement system, he will be able to save a lot of money as well as time because he will be safe from the indirect spending as well as there are many offers available  at early payment discounts through which government can save his money and can invest at other places as well.

Final Words

Eprocurement helps a country to grow in a better way and, India is a developing country and to become a developed country India must go hand-in-hand with private sectors as well, therefore, the e-procurement will help India to grow in a better way as well as to grow at a faster rate.

E-procurement has a lot of advantages associated with it during the time of financial crisis it is the e-Procurement which can help the government from getting out of the financial crisis we can say that the country to develop in a better way e-procurement is the best policy to adopt. E-procurement helps in saving money as well as in saving time as well and, the government can invest the saved money in other sectors that will lead to the development of the country.

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