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Eggs are among the most easily accessible and versatile food items on the planet. They can be purchased easily through farms like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania, and prepared in a variety of ways. One can boil, scramble, poach, or fry eggs, and then toss them into a salad, put onto a sandwich, and so on. However, cooking eggs can get a bit tricky unless one has the right tools and gadgets in their kitchen.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania sheds light on some of the most useful gadgets available for cooking eggs

Right from egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches to poached eggs with a yolk as bright as a mimosa, eggs are considered to be an ultimate culinary shape-shifter. They show up in nearly every cuisine and can be cooked in a variety of ways. There are many useful tools available in the market that makes cooking eggs a hassle-free endeavor. Here are some of those tools:

  • Egg coddler: This is a small cup made of heatproof glass or porcelain and has a screw-on top. One has to break an egg or two into the cup, tighten the screw on top and then submerge the cup in simmering water till the egg is cooked properly. One can eat the egg from the coddler directly.
  • Egg cooker: This electric appliance steam cooks eggs in their shell. Usually, egg cookers tend to have cups or inserts for steam poached eggs. A few of them even have flat inserts meant for scrambling or frying eggs.
  • Custard cups: Having a capacity of 6 or 10 ounces, these deep, small, individual bowl-shaped dishes are designed for oven use and are ideal for baking individual quiches or custards.
  • Omelet pan: Most omelet pans have a 7 to 10 inches diameter. They basically are a type of shallow, slope-sided nonstick skillet with a handle. Doublet omelet pans are also available, which comprise of two shallow semicircular or rectangular pans attached by hinges.
  • Piercer: This is a sharp pointed tool meant for gently pricking a tiny hole in the large end of an eggshell prior to hard-boiling it. Piercing basically allows some air to escape and a bit of water to seep into the egg, making peeling the eggs easier.
  • Poacher: This is a type of rack that holds cups designed to fit one egg each over simmering water, and holds the egg as it poaches.
  • Egg separator: This is a small cup that is centered in a round frame made of ceramic, metal, or plastic. The cup catches the yolk, while the slots enable the frame to allow the white to slip through to a container beneath the separator.  Anyone who does have a separator at home may also use a kitchen funnel to separate eggs.
  • Egg slicer:  Such a device impeccably cuts hard boiled eggs into neat slices with one swift stroke. Egg slicers comprise of an indented tray in which the egg rests and a cutting mechanism of parallel wires.

Purchasing fresh eggs from companies like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania and using the tools mentioned above to prepare wonderful egg dishes would allow people to get their daily dose of protein, without spending too much time on cooking.

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