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Basketball is a great sport that people of all ages can enjoy, but it does take a lot of skill to shoot basketball. To become good at basketball, you need to have guidance from someone who has been playing for years and knows their stuff. This is where choosing the right trainer comes in.

There are many trainers with different levels of experience and qualifications – how do you choose which one? Below we will answer this question by going over some important factors that should go into your decision-making process when looking for a basketball trainer!

Who is a basketball trainer?

A basketball trainer is someone who helps you improve your basketball skills, and become an effective basketball shooter. They are the ones who provide you with guidance, support, and training.

Why do you need a basketball trainer?

You might want to get in touch with one if you are looking for guidance on improving your catch and shoot basketball or more effectively. They may also be able to help train up members of your team!

A basketball trainer is essential in the mental aspect of your game, and they will help you with visualization techniques, mental imagery, and positive self-talk.

In the physical aspect, they will help improve your strength and conditioning.

How to choose a basketball trainer?

There are several things you need to consider to find the right basketball trainer for you: their experience level in training athletes, how well qualified they are as a professional person or just someone who is passionate about sports but isn’t trained in it, if their coaching style suits your personality and finally cost! We recommend using this as an outline when choosing which trainers would work best for you.

Here we go into detail on each criterion:


If a trainer has been involved in training players from an early age, this shows that they have dedicated at least ten years of their life towards honing their skills when it comes down to helping people achieve better results through training.


As with most things, you get what you pay for, and if someone is offering his services at an incredibly discounted rate, this would likely show in the results too! On the other hand, some trainers charge a lot of money but don’t offer much more than others at lower rates.

This is where research comes into play to see which ones come out top quality-wise so far as feedback from previous clients goes on sites like Facebook or Google Reviews. Another good place to check out reviews about trainers is YouTube videos where you can find client testimonials under each video uploaded on their channel. You should always look for one that another person has professionally filmed, not just a random video by the trainer.

In addition to this, you needn’t just look for someone with a lot of experience in all areas. It may well help if they specialize in one place over another as their expertise will come across clearly when working with your child on an individual basis outside of regular training sessions. For example, some coaches focus more on strength and conditioning while others develop skill sets such as shooting or ball handling.

Profession vs. Professional

A basketball trainer does not need to be a full-time professional, but they should have the knowledge and experience required to become one.

Many people that work as basketball trainers do so on a part-time basis while also doing something else for their primary source of income, such as teaching other sports or working in another sector entirely.

In this case, you must check out what kind of schedule your trainer has before committing yourself too much. If there are very few training sessions available per week, try seeking someone with more availability instead.


The final factor when choosing a trainer is price, and this depends much on what you want to get out of your sessions.

If it’s just for general training, then the cost will be lower than if you were planning on using them to improve specific aspects such as using a rebounder basketball machine or practicing catch and shoot basketball.

In any case, when deciding how much money you are willing to spend, think about whether all that money spent can help bring results!

Types of basketball you need a trainer for

Continuous Training

Continuous basketball training is when the trainer takes you through a series of exercises, which are slightly more complicated than they need to be for them to keep your attention. This kind of workout is good if it’s something that you will enjoy doing and feel motivated by because this way, there won’t be any feelings of boredom or fatigue.

Fartlek Training

This type of training session involves short sprinting bursts with various levels of recovery time between each one. It can also include different types of interval training such as jogging/walking instead of running, but don’t worry too much about what these intervals consist of—the important thing is just getting out there and exercising!

Resistance Training

This type of workout is suitable for people interested in building muscle. You can do this by using weights or resistance bands to work out specific body parts, such as your biceps and triceps with push-ups, core stability with sit-ups, etc.

Medium Interval Training

This kind of training session involves a higher level of intensity where you will be running various intervals between jogging/walking at a more leisurely pace instead. These sessions could last anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on how much time you have during that day!

Speed Training

If speed is what you want, this will help improve it through quicker movements that require more energy output per minute than other types of training.

Plyometric Training

This is where you will be using the stretch-shortening cycle of your muscles to improve explosive power, meaning they are quick and forceful movements that use a lot of energy in small intervals of time. This helps with jumping higher, for example!


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