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Any business is made by law to present you with a safe space to perform your daily work tasks. They also feel that when a safe spot is given, more staff will be productive. Therefore, many companies are using drug screening as a means to keep their workforce safe.

Drug screening is utilized for workplaces that are deemed drug-free. In other cases, companies are using drug screening as a way to find quality employees for fear that certain drugs, such as marijuana, will hinder their work.

There are four distinct kinds of drug screening available for your company. These include:

1. Pre-employment drug testing occurs after a job is offered to an individual. They will be completed before the person starts on the job. This is generally the most prevalent kind of drug testing completed. While most states will allow these tests, there are certain states that require notice before the test is given.

2. Random drug screenings is an unannounced drug test that is completed either as a staff whole or by individuals who are picked randomly. A huge pro of random drug testing for companies is that those picked from a drug testing pool will never know if their name will be pulled or not. This is an effective measure of deterring drug use. However, not all states allow random testing to be done at all, while others have various restrictions that must be followed. It is crucial that multistate employers follow federal, local, and state rules and regulations pertaining to drug screenings.

3. Accident drug screenings happen after an accident has occurred. This will help the employer see if the accident was due to drugs being consumed.

4. Suspicious behavior drug testing may occur when the employee acts like they are under the influence of a drug. This may include slurred language, slow movements, being uncoordinated, and not making eye contact.

5. When looking into implementing a drug screening program for your company, there are four aspects you should look at. These include cost, risk mitigation, speed, and candidate experience.

For some companies, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. For other businesses, it is the direct opposite.

While many companies feel that it takes too long for the hiring process or gives the employee an adverse experience before even being hired, on top of being costly are cons, some companies feel that the risk mitigation is worth it. Enterprises that appreciate risk mitigation mightcontemplate a drug-free workplace plan.  Drug screening is efficient in avoiding mishaps, wellness problems and expenses, truancy, and legal proceedings. It is worth noticing that testing may likewise safeguard staff from harm and enhance productiveness.

If you are in the Clearwater, FL area, and are considering drug screening for your company, contact Peace of Mind. They can assist you with random drug testing, accident drug tests, suspicious behavior testing, and pre-employment drug screening.

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