Modern home décor is all the rage in 2023, and this is why countless homeowners are investing heavily in their room ambience and flooring designs. What’s great about rug shopping today is that most people do this home décor shopping online, which provides a limitless amount of options and flexibility.

One of the top online rug outlets in the United States is Rug Source, and the Rug Source contemporary rugs section is undoubtedly one of the best selections of modern rugs in today’s marketplace. Although it’s sometimes difficult to choose between so many different contemporary rugs during your online search, the below tips are here to help your shopping efforts when it comes to improving your modern home décor via contemporary rugs!

Always Prioritize Rug Quality Above Everything Else

Although a lot of people like to prioritize rug colors and designs, the best thing you can do for your online rug shopping efforts is to keep quality in mind as your first and foremost shopping factor.

High-quality area rugs are always made from natural fibers, and they also just so happen to have very high knot counts. You shouldn’t be investing in machine-made rugs, either. So be sure to filter your online searches with keywords like handmade and contemporary to weed out the rugs you’ll surely regret!

Don’t Forget About Antique Contemporary Rug Designs

A lot of contemporary rug shoppers automatically assume that they’ll need to purchase a brand new rug in order for it to be considered modern, but the truth is that modern rugs have been popular for several decades.

This subsequently means that you can also expand your online search to include antique rugs, because there are plenty of incredible contemporary rugs out there that just so happen to be pretty old!

Transition Rugs Are A Great Option To Keep In Mind

Transition rugs are incredibly popular in today’s rug marketplace, and they feature old-school Oriental designs within more modern colors and styles. So this type of contemporary rug is sort of like a hybrid option between modern and classic rug styles.

A lot of online rug shoppers don’t even know about transition rugs, and these are great options for people who want a little bit of contrast between their existing modern home décor and their new flooring designs.

Sticking With Standard Contemporary Rug Designs

Another great route to go with your rug shopping is to make sure your new contemporary rug matches your space from an aesthetic standpoint. Although there are plenty of eccentric modern rugs out there, going with more standard designs can better ensure that the rug will match your room’s existing ambience.

You should also keep your room’s foot traffic in mind while you’re rug shopping, because durability will be a major shopping factor if your space does get a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. Neutral rug colors tend to be a safe option when you want to implement a contemporary rug design that’s intended to blend in (as opposed to standing out).

Color Is Crucial With Contemporary Rugs

We all know how color drastically impacts a room’s ambience, so it’s an incredibly important factor to keep in mind while you’re shopping for contemporary rugs online. Depending upon your existing room décor, your new rug’s colors should provide the type of complement you’re looking for.

Most contemporary rug enthusiasts will follow the 60-30-10 rule, which means 60% of your room will be in a primary base color, 30% comes in secondary colors, and 10% comes in accent colors.

Contemporary rugs are supposed to be calming on the eyes, so be sure your new rug isn’t too frenetic with color schemes and designs!

Contemporary Rugs Can Still Make A Statement, Though

As much as most contemporary rug shoppers want their new flooring décor to be complementary to their existing room aesthetics, there are still plenty of opportunities when it comes to making fashion statements via this rug style.

Modern rugs are known throughout the rug world for providing some of the boldest designs in the entire industry, so you’ll definitely have plenty of statement-worthy options to choose from when you’re searching online for contemporary area rugs!

Reach Out To Industry Specialists To Learn More About Rug Source Contemporary Rugs

Finding high-quality contemporary rugs is sometimes pretty difficult, which is why most rug shoppers are turning to the Internet to make the most of this difficult home décor shopping.

Rug Source, Inc. is the top online rug vendor in America, and you can check out their modern contemporary rugs page by going through the link at the beginning of this blog!

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