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Humans generate significant data daily, amounting to millions of bytes. Every industry needs to collect, store, and evaluate large quantities of data. Undoubtedly, we need highly efficient techniques to process such tasks effectively. And this leads to a huge demand for professionals who can work on such tools and techniques.

Data analysts play a significant role in acquiring data from many sources and analyze it. Almost every industry requires a data analyst, from companies like Google and Netflix to small-scale data analytics startups. You can earn a data analytics online certification to match this competition in the field.

The data analytics industry offers a wide variety of certifications. Choosing the right one can become overwhelming. Every organisation, from big to small software providers, offers a data analytics certification.

However, only some are as helpful as others. To determine which certification is suitable, you must examine the educational content and overall benefit they offer. Take a look at these data analytics online certifications mentioned below.

IBM Data Analytics Certification

IBM is one of the top companies for certifications through many online programs. The organization partners with trustworthy online course providers to offer online programs to students.

Students take IBM data analytics online certification to gain data science and machine learning (ML) skills. Through an IBM certification, analytics students can gain more skills and gain specialization in a particular area.

What you will learn:

You understand data analysis, visualization, SQL, and ML modeling concepts. Students get to work in IBM cloud labs. They get hands-on exposure to Seaborn, Scikit-learn, Pandas, and Scipy libraries.

Google Data Analytics Certification

This is an entry-level certificate program that offers industry knowledge to junior data analysts. It is for anyone with little or no data analyst online training who wishes to gain fundamental data analytics skills.

You will understand how to analyze data, create findings, and present them to solve business problems. R is the primary language utilized for data analysis, as it offers leading platforms and tools to work on projects.

What you will learn:

Individuals learn data cleaning, managing, analysis, R, and SQL for maths. They learn how to convey their findings via presentations and dashboards.

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate

It is a data analytics online certification that shows the holder’s ability to create and build Azure development environments. The student should hold computer vision, speech, natural language processing (NLP), and predictive analytics knowledge.

You may enroll and learn how to operate on Microsoft Azure. Previous experience in Azure ML and Azure Databricks would be helpful.

What you will learn:

Candidates will learn data modeling, model building, and feature engineering. They will gain exposure to ML model deployment using Azure, data experiments, and predictive models.

Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

It helps data and business analysts understand Microsoft BI for visualizing and defining massive datasets. It shows the student’s Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) skills for creating expressions and Power Query.

Students can learn to interact with other data analysts and engineers to gather data. Their BI knowledge will help them convert data, build models, exchange resources, and visualize data.

What you will learn:

The data analytics online certification teaches students how to create robust business processes with data. Students will learn to use Power BI to collect, model, visualize, and execute data.

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Data Analyst

Data analysts who want to gain skills in Cloudera and knowledge using CDP should opt for this certification. You need basic knowledge of Python/R, Google Sheets, BI tools, Salesforce, and Microsoft Excel.

What you will learn:

Students will work in the Cloudera CDH environment to build reports. The CDP helps you create and maintain your data analytics skills. You can learn task reviewing, systems control, and CDP uses, like developing solutions.

How to choose a data analytics online certification?

There are various data analytics certifications online. Explore the following points while selecting the best one.

Build desired skills in different application areas

You can build skills in a specific subject that would help you to deliver better expertise based on requirements. Considering the questions, such as your career goals or where you want to work, can definitely help you to choose the right data analytics program.

Practice real-world problems relevant to your industry

You can develop skills by tackling real-world problems and learning to solve issues that occur in industries to gain field experience. It will build problem-solving skills and solidify the basics.

Build a network of qualified individuals and students

The data analyst online training helps you build skills and network with peers and mentors. Interacting with others helps you expand your skill set. Your network can also help you look for fresh, improved opportunities for employment. An online certificate should offer you the chance to enhance your network with experts and students.

What’s the best way to earn a certificate in online data analysis?

In an interview, employers analyse your knowledge and skills in fundamental concepts and problem-solving abilities. A certification verifies the skills and expertise you gained during your education. It shows that you have completed the practical data analyst online training and understand the key concepts.

The most important factor many looks at in a course is cost-effectiveness. Various institutes offer flexible payments for students through EMI, loans, and other options. An online course is better as students can learn in person from mentors.

You can find many online data analytics programs. In addition to their costs, it is significant to look at the course modules offered in such institutes. Live classes, hands-on training, mentor support, etc., are some of the most demanded attributes for learners to opt for any online program.

The Data Analytics Program offers excellent learning modules developed by experts with hands-on training and industry-relevant projects. Furthermore, students acquire certification in data analysis through IBM and Microsoft accreditation, which can showcase their knowledge and abilities. Keeping all these points, learners can easily opt for data analytic courses and get certified as relevant data analysts.

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