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CBD vapes are universal these days. The benefits of CBD are to be blamed for this. Vaping is considered the best way of consuming CBD because it takes very little time in reflecting the benefits of CBD. Besides that, it is very convenient to vape because you can easily vape anywhere.

The concern that almost every vaper has is the quality of the CBD product that they vape. One of the best places in the USA for CBD products like CBD vape oil, CBD gummies, CBD for dogs, etc. is JUST CBD. It is an online store that is trusted by many customers. They have been rated 5-star by more than 22,000.

They give major priority to the quality of products that they offer. All of their products are tested in third-party independent laboratories before they reach your home. With JUST CBD, rest assured, you will get the best experience when it comes to vape and consuming CBD products.

Vaper’s tongue

Vaper’s tongue is a very common phenomenon that might happen with any vaper. Under such conditions, the vaper loses the taste of vape juice. It can unexpectantly happen to the user. It normally lasts till three to four days provided some exceptions where it may last till a couple of weeks.

This phenomenon was discovered a few years ago when vapers started to notice a thick coating on the surface of their tongue which did not impede the absorption of nicotine or production of vapor but it did put a stymie on the ability to taste the juice.

Reasons behind vapers tongue

The sense of taste is called gustatory sense. A Healthy gustatory sense requires saliva which maintains the functioning of the taste buds. Oftentimes, vaping leads to a fatigued tongue which ensures a dry mouth. A mouth cannot taste.

Another reason behind this situation is e-juice’s flavor fatigue. You will be surprised to know that the olfactory sense that is the sense of smell also contributes to our taste sensation. For the full perception of taste, the olfactory lobes and the gustatory sense work in concomitance. Without the full contribution of olfactory lobes, an apple would taste the same as a sweet pear.

When olfactory lobes lose the perception of the smell of CBD juice, you might suffer from this condition. Finally, if all is fine, smoking can also contribute to vapers’ tongue. For those who have recently quit smoking, their ability to taste will be significantly hindered.

The cure of vapers tongue

This typically has simple solutions. Below listed are a few steps, which you can undertake to cure your vaper’s tongue:

1- Drink more water

2- Avoid caffeine and alcohol

3- Use a good oral hygiene product

4- Clean your tongue regularly

5- Quit smoking

6- Take some breaks between sessions of vaping

7- Change the juices

8- Use unflavoured vapes

9- Give mentholated or cooling flavors a try


As the old adage goes, “prevention is better than cure”. You must always take preventive measures so as to avoid the condition in toto.

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