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Working from home can be fun because you get to do as you please, staying in your comfort place and all that. But sometimes, you can get too comfortable and this might directly reflect upon your work.

So, how can you make yourself work your best while enjoying the perks of staying at home? Here are some pointers that can help you maintain productivity and stop you from getting stuck in a vortex of procrastination.

Get your set up ready

Make sure you get all the required stuff ready beforehand. If your work requires you to work on documents and files often, make sure you get appropriate software and websites like file converter, PDF editor, chart generator, checklists, time trackers, etc.

These tools can help you save time spent on these trivial tasks. The time you save here might not look like much, but when you look at it from a long-term perspective, you would be saving several hours’ worth of time.

Choose a spot

Studies have shown that sticking to a particular location for a task and sticking to it every time you perform that task can improve your work efficiency by a small margin. Apart from this, choosing a nice and comfortable space without too many distractions can help you establish a schedule and train your mind to concentrate whenever in the spot.

Declutter your workspace often and get rid of unnecessary distractions. You can make your desk cozy and fun by adding calming factors like essential oils, candles, or whatever works for you. Here, you get to abuse your power of being at home.

Make lists and schedules

Making checklists for absolutely anything can help you work more efficiently. Do not hesitate to add even the tiniest tasks as it helps you not miss out on any details, since you are mostly overseeing yourself when you work at home.

Another important thing to do when you are working from home is make a doable schedule for every day and make sure you stick to it. Making a schedule allows you to stay on your feet throughout the day and gives you an idea of the race you should be working at for the particular day.

Include time slots for your breaks into your schedule and ensure that you do not over-work. It is necessary to take adequate rest in order to maintain efficiency and quality of work.

Ask for help

Remember that you do not have to do everything by yourself. If you feel like you are working yourself too much, get a part-timer or an assistant that can help you with menial tasks like converting PDF to Word documents, reviewing your files, data entry, and more.

The availability of multiple platforms that allow you to collaborate on projects proves to be helpful for such tasks.

Lastly, make sure you take time off for yourself and appreciate yourself enough. Treat yourself to something you like every time you finish a difficult task. Motivation is always key to great work.


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