3 Facts about Day Porters


Cleaning services are services provided to clean certain rooms, where they are placed. Someone who works in this service is often referred to as an OB or Office Boy. Companies that provide this service, evenly spread individuals in various institutions that are needed.

In general, most offices use this service. The height and breadth of the office building requires the use of trained services to clean the area. Buildings in offices will be different from ordinary houses. Therefore, skilled services are needed to handle this.

Thus, the main task of a cleaning service is to provide cleaning services in public areas. In contrast to domestic workers, even though they are both tasked with cleaning. However, this service has special education, and is given training to be able to clean public places.

Cleaning services are vital to the running of any commercial or public property, but not everyone can hire and train his or her own janitorial team. That’s where day porting services come in. Here are three facts about day porters.

1. They Can Provide Many Services

All day porting services provide various cleaning and maintenance options, but you should look for a day porting service that can meet your needs. For example, day porting Seattle may provide graffiti removal services in addition to basic cleaning and sanitation, but a day porting service outside the city may not offer graffiti removal. Most services will assist with litter removal, cleaning and sanitation, trash receptacle maintenance and spill cleanup.

2. They Can Help Beautify Property

Day porters not only clean but can also provide certain property management and beautification services, such as light grounds keeping duties and parking lot cleanup. They are by no means professional landscapers, but they can perform some simple maintenance between visits from your landscaper. Beautification ensures your property is kept clean and nice for visitors or customers.

3. You Can Determine Schedules 

Despite the name, it’s possible for day porters to work the night shift. You can work directly with the day porting service to develop an adequate schedule, or you can entrust the scheduling to your facilities manager. Either way, your day porters should understand what services you need to be performed and when. These may need to be done every day, a few times a week, once a week or once a month. You may want them done during the day or at night. Make sure you develop a schedule with the day porting team and make sure everyone is aware of it.

You don’t necessarily need to hire a day porting service, but if you do, it can be an incredibly useful resource. You can run other aspects of your property or business and leave the cleaning to trained profession

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