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Since you’re here, we assume you’re considering using a professional email for your business. Without one, you are seriously limiting your branding and marketing. Your customers use your business email to contact customer service, schedule appointments, and of course, make business inquiries.

Research shows that 75% of customers think that professional email addresses are key to improving loyalty with small businesses. A quick search will show many providers, but you need to get yours with the best email hosting provider out there that offers the right combination of features and performance.

An unprofessional email address will give off a wrong business impression and won’t be favorable when you’re looking for new clients or creating a successful company. It’s easy to create a free email account, but if you want to look like a serious, professional business, you’ll have to ditch free options and go for a good email hosting provider.

Here are some tips to make your business email successful.

Personalize your email

Personalized emails get better open rates, click-throughs, and higher conversion rates. If you want to launch an effective marketing campaign, make sure that your email shows the subscriber’s name. Instances of use include birthdays, left items on the cart, etc.

Utilize segmentation

Email splitting effectively targets multiple groups of subscribers, allowing you to focus your email marketing campaigns in a much more personalized way. Segment variety includes age, gender, declared interests, previous purchasing habits, or even by the stage in your sales funnel.

Not convinced that segmentation is the right path to follow? 58% of all email marketing revenue actually comes from targeted emails, and that based on Campaign Monitor’s research, marketers who utilize segmented campaigns noted a 760% increase in revenue.

Create responsive emails

2016 data shows that 54% of all marketing emails were opened on mobile phones. You need to make your emails mobile responsive so that those subscribers who use mobiles to read emails will see your campaign without issues. It would be a costly failing if subscribers couldn’t view your email properly.

Select the right hosting when you use email marketing

If you use an email marketing plugin rather than a paid option for third-party providers, it’s crucial to have web hosting that offers the capability to send emails directly from your website. Moreover, you may also require a package that gives enough storage for user information.

Security is crucial too. You are required to protect any personal data you hold for your subscribers, so ensure that you choose email hosting that offers intrusion protection, site scanning, and remote backups.

Email marketing is a profitable tool for businesses that knows how to use it to their advantage. It extends the customer lifetime value and creatively markets your business. The information provided in this article should help you start getting your email list growing and your campaign off the ground.

If you’re currently looking for a web hosting provider, ensure that they have the capacity and security you need and always use newsletter software and high-quality sign-up forms.

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