Every homeowner would like to have an ever-lasting design of the house that remains consistent and untouched throughout the adverse effects of its surrounding. The colour scheme of a house is an important part of its overall design that can provide a riveting look to the entire house. However, creating the right design for the walls of your house requires a little more planning than just selecting the right shade of colour.

Selecting the right type of paint while considering the requirement of your house walls is essential to create and maintain a long-lasting design for your house. There are different types of interior paints and exterior paints available in the market to meet the criteria as per the various requirements of your house. Selecting the right type of paint for your walls can help you to create the desired effect and finish while also protecting your walls through the test of time.

Here’s a look at 5 popular types of paints available in the market that you can select for your home.

Oil Paint

Oil paint has been a popular choice of paint for a long time due to its durability and versatility in application. During the process of paint application, oil paint can be applied as a primer, undercoat, and even a finish coat. Oil paint gives a smooth, rich, and glossy finish on the surface of the application while providing the properties of being water-resistant and durable. Due to its versatility, this type of paint is suitable to apply on various surfaces such as walls, windows, doors, metals, and wood.

Emulsion Paint

Emulsion paint exhibits a variety of beneficial characteristics which makes it a frequent pick among interior paints as well as exterior paints. Emulsion paint is mainly water-based which has less amount of drying and curing time. Along with its fast drying characteristics, emulsion paint provides a wide variety of wall finishes, a strong colour retention ability, and a long-lasting time frame. Emulsion paint is a safer choice of paint since it is odourless and low on VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Bituminous Paint

This type of paint plays more of a functional role since it is applied on surfaces that require the characteristics of being weather-proof, water-proof, and rust-resistant. Bituminous paint has a distinctive black colour with alkali-resistant characteristics which is used to provide a protective layer to functional surfaces. Bituminous paint is mainly applied to structures such as pipes, grills, ladders, wood, metal, and surfaces that need to be underwater. However, this type of paint should be avoided in areas that receive direct sunlight as it can degrade with time.

Enamel Paint

Enamel paint is mainly used as an oil-based variant with the properties of water resistance, stain resistance, durability, and a glossy finish. Similar to oil paints, enamel paints have a longer drying period while exhibiting the characteristics of high durability, long-lasting effect, and a glossy finish. However, enamel paints can be on the expensive side of the scale when considering the painting budget.

Synthetic Rubber Paint

Synthetic rubber paint is created by using synthetic resins along with the addition of required solvents and colour pigments. This type of paint is most suitable to apply on exterior surfaces such as exterior walls, floors, and larger surface areas that require uniform paint application throughout. Synthetic rubber paint is the best for protection against environmental conditions since it can provide complete protection against chemicals and changing weather. The added benefit of using this type of paint is that it provides budget-friendly and economical pricing.

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