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As generations change and move on, so do their tastes and requirements. Many millennials in Charlotte are now among the bosses, directors, and experts of today, which means their preferences are being increasingly taken into account. What people are looking for in an office space now is different from what they liked a decade or two ago.

If you’re wondering which changes you can make to your workplace design to attract more millennials and retain top talent, here are some of the features that many workers of this generation are looking for.

Space to Collaborate

While many offices previously had individual offices or cubicles for people to work from, many millennials prefer a more collaborative style of working. While open-plan working is very common, millennials often go a step or two further – introducing features such as well-being spaces, areas with shared office furniture, or additional meeting rooms for creative and collaborative sessions. Consider whether there is enough space for collaboration or whether you need to invest in more shared spaces to boost creativity and attract some of the best talents.

Team Building and Bonding

There are still many people who like to go to work and keep their non-work life separate, but many millennials are looking to make friends at work too. As a result, millennials may be attracted to companies where team building and bonding are encouraged, both during and after work hours. An office environment that encourages friendships and collaboration can also attract talent from further afield as millennials could feel more inclined to move to a new city to take up the job.

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A Friendly Environment

Staff members spend hours of their time in the same office, so it’s natural that they would want a friendly and warm environment. This is something that can be reflected in the overall approach of the company as well as the workplace design and the office furniture. Spaces for people to have an informal conversation, for example, can go a long way in boosting the mood and productivity of people at work. Managers who aren’t clock-watching their staff can help to create a trusting and friendly environment that more people want to come and work in.

Bold Leadership

Millennials are often looking to work for companies that have bold leadership and a forward-thinking style. They may feel inspired by people who are prepared to do things differently and think about things in a new way. As well as being inspired by bold leadership in a company, millennials may feel like the senior staff will be more open to their own ideas and proposals. The culture of a company can also be reflected in its office layout and office furniture, such as merging senior staff with junior staff or introducing standing desks and flexible ways of working.

Hybrid Working

Millennials are ready to move into new styles of working, and hybrid working has become very popular in recent years. It gives people more flexibility when working and allows them to achieve a healthier balance throughout the week. Millennials will generally be very open to hybrid working and will look for a workplace design that seeks to encourage this. A balanced lifestyle is one of the most important things for many millennials, and this is something they are likely to be looking for when hunting for a new job.

Upgrading Your Workplace Design to Attract Millennials

If you’re thinking about making changes to your office in Charlotte, NC, to attract more millennials, consider working with a professional office furniture installation company like Quality Installers to ensure you get everything you need.

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