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Do you want to know about helium 10? Do you want to use the amazon best seller tool? If yes, helium 10 is there for you. Helium 10 is considered the leading and all-in-one seller tool. It has come with multiple extensive features.

 It is designed to give the sub tools name as product research, keyword research, and listing optimization tools. This article is written on the tools of the helium 10 that help the amazon seller to manage their daily operation and business analytics.

Let us take a deep look at the tools of helium 10. Take a quick look at https://www.zonbase.com/blog/zonbase-vs-helium-10-which-amazon-seller-tool-is-better/.

The primary tool on the helium 10

in this section, we are going to tell you about all the tools of the helium 10. Read all the tools if you want to boost your Amazon business with the help of these tools.

1. Black Box

The black box is the primary product research tool that helps you to search within the amazon database. Here you can easily find the winning and profitable product using the filter.

The best thing is that it gives you the best product that matches your preference and is also profitable for your business.

2. Trends

This is another tool of the helium 10 that show you the price trend and product sale and help you get to benefit from the seasonal trends.

3. Cerebro

Cerebro is the look-up tool that helps you analyze your competitors. This tool will show you which keywords your competitor is ranked at the top of Google. You can also check their monthly search volume through this tool.

4. Magnet

The keyword research tool helps you by generating the relevant keyword with a high search volume. You can also narrow down the keyword result with these preferred criteria.

5. Misspellinator

It is another type of keyword research tool that gives you the rank for misspelled search terms. You can include these terms in the backend of the product listing. In any case, if the customer misspelled the keyword, then the product listing shows you.

6. Frankenstein

With the help of this tool, you can quickly narrow down the long keyword list by using the word processor tool. Then, you can keep the most relevant keyword.

7. Index checker

 Index checker is the tool with the help of which you can verify the keyword that is indexed by amazon.

8. Chrome extension

Helium 10 chrome extension comes with the 5 features that help through the product research. It shows the information about the products on the page of amazon’s search results.

The tool also gives an estimate of the monthly sales. It collects insights from product reviews and provides a proper estimate of the profits.


In this article, you learnt about the amazon best seller tool, helium 10. Also, you will get information on the various tools of helium 10 in this article. Hope you get an understanding of how the various tools help Amazon sellers.

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