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Wall painting is far from being a recent art form. Our ancestors have been painting the walls of caves and temples for ages. Want proof of this? A visit to the Ajanta and Ellora caves or the sprawling palaces and havelis in Rajasthan will give you a peek into the wall paintings of our ancestors. There are also wall paintings to be found in the temples and monasteries in the Himalayan region. There is a clear influence of Buddhism in many of the ancient wall paintings in India.

Curious to learn more about the evolution of wall painting in India? Read along as we discuss how cave paintings evolved into modern-day wall paintings.

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Cave Paintings & Wall Paintings

The early traces of cave paintings in India have been discovered in the sandstone region of Madhya Pradesh at sites like Hoshangabad. The oldest cave paintings in India can be traced to the Buddhist caves in Ajanta, which are in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. The colours used were predominantly red, green, yellow, black, which were naturally made and they depicted animals and the daily lives of our ancestors.

The tradition of wall painting is also seen in Kerala and Karnataka. If you visit the cave temples in Badami, then you will notice paintings similar to the ones in the Ajanta caves. You also get to see wall paintings in the Virupaksha temple in Hampi and at the Venkataramana temple, besides Jaganmohan Palace in Mysore.

Present Scenario

The tradition of wall painting has only evolved over time. Today, if you visit rural areas, you will see the walls of the huts painted in beautiful hues. You will see portrayals of flowers, deities, animals, etc in these mural paintings.

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The Final Verdict

To conclude, the tradition of wall painting has existed since the prehistoric era, and it is here to stay. The early paintings in India depict the glorious past of our country and they give a peek at the vivacity, joyfulness and flamboyance of Indian culture. Though the pattern or the paint type must have changed, people’s love for wall paintings has remained intact. Indian homeowners continue to adorn their walls in gorgeous patterns, designs, hues, etc. today and they will continue to do so for years to come.

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