Choosing the Right Mask


Wearing masks is an integral component of a broader strategy to combat the spread of COVID-19 and protect lives. However, relying solely on mask usage is insufficient to ensure comprehensive protection. To stay safe in a community with active transmission, it’s vital to combine mask-wearing with other precautionary measures, including maintaining physical distance, ensuring proper ventilation, avoiding crowded spaces, practicing good hand hygiene, and following local guidelines. A multifaceted approach is key to safeguarding public health.

Incorporating mask-wearing into daily life

To maximize the effectiveness of masks, it’s essential to make mask-wearing a routine when around others. Before putting on the mask and after taking it off, and whenever you touch it, ensure your hands are clean. Properly wearing a mask involves covering your nose, mouth, and chin. After use, store it in a clean plastic bag, wash fabric masks daily, or dispose of medical masks in a trash bin. Avoid masks with valves for optimal safety.

Prioritizing Indoor Safety and Mask Selection

For optimal safety, experts emphasize the importance of staying indoors whenever feasible. However, when outdoor activities are unavoidable, especially in areas with poor air quality, the right choice of mask is crucial for protection. This guide provides the necessary information to make informed decisions about when and which mask to use.

Considering a three-ply surgical mask

When choosing a disposable mask for COVID-19, consider three-ply surgical masks crafted from melt-blown fabric with high filtration. While surgical masks offer filtration akin to N95s, they may not fit snugly around the mouth and nose. Opt for masks that cover well and have a nose wire for a proper fit. You can find better choices at Procurenet.

Understanding mask purposes

It’s essential to clarify that masks primarily aim to prevent the release of airborne droplets from the wearer, thus safeguarding others. While they offer some self-protection, full protection against incoming droplets requires a respirator rather than a mask.

Duration of Disposable Mask Use

The duration of wearing a disposable mask can vary based on usage patterns. For sporadic use, the mask may last for multiple occasions. However, if worn during physical activities or throughout the day, it’s advisable to replace it daily. In situations where the mask is seldom worn, like in a private office or for remote learning, it may remain effective for an extended period. Pay attention to moisture buildup or sneezing while wearing; these signs indicate it’s time for a fresh disposable mask for optimal protection and hygiene.


Restaurant and food service workers will continue to require masks. Options abound, with reusable cloth masks suitable when nothing else is available. However, for most scenarios, a Level 1-rated disposable surgical mask is likely the best choice. Consider adding a plastic face shield for enhanced protection. Explore your options at Procurenet.


Which surgical mask is the safest?

An N95 mask offers the highest level of protection, filtering both large and small particles when worn properly; nonsurgical N95s can be used by the general public, while surgical N95 masks are recommended for healthcare professionals.

How long can a disposable mask be worn?

Disposable masks should be discarded after a single use, while respirators’ duration depends on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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