Guide to Green CSCS Labourer Card


Employers and employees must create a safe environment when working on a construction site. To do this, they must get the construction skills certification scheme (CSCS), which helps employers and employees improve safety standards. The CSCS proves that the people working on the construction site are using the preparation procedure and following the safety requirement. You can get your card by applying for cscs green card test online and get all the help you need. This article will explore an essential guide to a green CSCS laborer card.

Who Needs a CSCS Green Card?

The Labourer card is designed to be used by construction workers, mainly if you are employed to carry out various manual work. The CSCS green card proves that an individual has the right training to work safely on a construction site. However, you need to undergo a green card course that is not complicated and will involve a theory and a practical test. This course ensures you are well-equipped with healthy and safety knowledge when working on a construction site.

How do You Get a Green CSCS Labourer Card?

There are several qualifications that you must meet to get the CSCS Labourer card. One of the key requirements is that you must be 16 years and above to qualify. Further, consider enrolling in the citb health and safety awareness course online to get it and ensure you pass it. Additionally, you need to hold an RQF level 1/ SCQF level 4 award in health and safety. Other qualifications required include an SCQF level 5 REHIS Elementary health and safety certificate. The NOCN/CSkills awards construction health and safety.

How Much Does a Green CSCS Card?

To apply for the CSCS green card, you must pass the CITB health, safety, and environment (HS&E) test. If applying independently, ensure you are cautious and fill in the correct information. To apply, you have to pay at least $50. If unsure of what to do, consider checking for videos that will direct how to apply. You should note that applying can also cost you $36 for the CSCS card.

If you are an employer and want to apply for a CSCS card for your employees, use the employer application form. The card will be sent the next working day. However, if you don’t get your CSCS card within ten working days, consider contacting the CSCS.

How to Renew or Replace Your CSCS Card?   

Sometimes you can misplace your CSCS card, or its expiry date can draw near. To renew your card, consider CSCS online application service. You can renew the card 6 months after or before the expiry date. However, you should have passed the H7S test within the last two years. When restoring or replacing your CSCS card, ensure you have the CSCS registration number. In case you don’t carry your national insurance number with you.

End Note!

The CSCS card plays a key role in the construction site to ensure safety. however, essential to contact a professional if you are unsure how to go about the CVSCS Labourer card.

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