There are so many models of strollers on the market that it can seem difficult to choose one. But in order to choose the most suitable stroller, it is important to know what your needs are and to choose the one that meets all the conditions. Sounds very light, but with so many models available, which is the best?

First of all, the safety of the child and his comfort are the most important aspects that we must take into account because we will use this product for a long time (minimum 2 years). It is necessary to choose a safe and quality product. The frame must be stable and, for the safety of the child, contain a 5-point fastening system. The wheels must be strong and have strong brakes. Be careful, however, the brakes of the trolleys are not built to ensure safety on sloping slopes, but in a straight plane. If we want the 3 in 1 version of the stroller (with a pram, shell, and sports part), the shell is very important, because it will also be used as a car seat for babies.

Why should we consider when choosing a stroller?

– How many children we have (there are families with twins, or two or three small children of similar ages, who could use the same stroller)
– The space we have for storing it
– The weight of the stroller – there are now extremely light models on the market strollers, which weigh no more than a purse and also fold to very small sizes. These strollers are extremely practical, but the very cheap ones can have a downside to stability.
Accessories have – they can make a difference in money, but also in quality. Shopping carts, trolley bags, cup or bottle holder, winter cover, mosquito net, stroller umbrella, leg stand, tray, etc. can be very useful.
– Trolley wheels– there are practically three types of wheels: hollow plastic, rubber, or silicone and filled with air. The cheapest trolley is the one with empty plastic wheels, but these wheels can crack more easily. More expensive strollers have stronger wheels, with which you will never have problems. Obviously, those with air are in danger of breaking, but they ensure a comfortable ride on almost any walking surface. Also very important is the size of the wheels. The bigger they are, the easier it will be to push the stroller.
– Its maneuverability – here we must try to bend it easily, preferably to be able to handle it with one hand. It would also help us with an adjustable and reversible handle, as well as several folding steps of the backrest.
The place where it will be used most often: some people travel more, others have a yard, and others may need an “off-road” cart because they want to use it on an unpaved road.
– Product quality or manufacturer – a reputable manufacturer can be a guarantee for the quality of the product.

What types of strollers are there?

Although there are so many models, manufacturers, price variants, strollers can be grouped into several basic categories:
1. Standard strollers – are classic strollers, folding
2. Reversible strollers – strollers that have a reversible handle and the child can be placed both with the front as well as the back in the direction of travel
3. Umbrella trolleys – when folded have a shape similar to that of an umbrella. However, they are suitable for slightly older children, over 3-6 months, depending on the model. They are generally practical and flexible, being easy to transport, but they do not have wheel suspensions.
4. Trolleys 2 in 1 or 3 in 1- are strollers that can be transformed according to the child’s age. They can be used from birth to 3-4 years. The stroller consists of a fixed frame and several pieces (pram, shell, and sports part) that we alternate depending on the age of the child.
5. Strollers for twins and triplets – as the name suggests, can be used for two or three children simultaneously
6. Sports strollers – can be “off-road” strollers, with large wheels, used on more difficult roads, jogging strollers, with three wheels, or very light trolleys in terms of weight and maneuverability

So when choosing a stroller, everyone should take into account the most important criteria from their point of view, and let’s not forget that every parent has a different lifestyle. Some prefer to travel more, others, on the contrary, feel scared by too long walks. Some live in the house, others in the block, with less storage space. If we live on higher floors, it would be best to think first of the weight of the product. The selection criteria of the stroller must be customized according to the lifestyle of each one.

In the end, we have chosen for you three models of strollers, which I find attractive in terms of quality-price:

1. 3-in-1 stroller Black – The 3-wheel Sarah stroller is a reversible stroller that turns into -a pram stroller and is suitable for use from birth. The stroller is very comfortable, with multiple backrest adjustment positions to ensure a quiet journey for the little one. The sports part quickly turns into a pram for easier maneuverability. Includes foot cover, rain cover, insect net, mommy’s bag with wrapping mattress, car shell adapters.

2. Multifunctional trolley 2 in 1 Chrome Foggy Gray- the sports part can be mounted both front and back in the direction of travel. It is easy to handle and compact. The chassis is made of aluminum, extremely light (it weighs 9.58 kg). When folded Chrome can be transported as a troller. The pram includes the rain cover as well as the protective cover.

3. Sports stroller Pockit + All Terrain – this is my favorite stroller in the category of sports strollers. I fell in love with him from the first moment, when I saw him folding like a laptop bag. It is so small that you can take it on the plane as freehand luggage. The price is not low, but being such an ingenious and light stroller, I really think it’s worth the money because it makes our lives with children much easier on the go. It is the perfect stroller for parents who are passionate about travel.

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