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If there’s one thing homeowners definitely want and need more of in their home, it’s more storage space. However, the possibility of simply upping and moving to a space that is bigger isn’t very practical. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can have more storage in your property without having to move property or get rid of things you need. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top ways on how to have more storage in your house. 

Buy a Bed That Has Built in Storage:

More often than not, our bedroom is the place where we need the most storage space. We tend to keep the majority of our personal belongings in the bedroom, from clothing to jewelry, perfumes and personal and sentimental items. However, most of the time, it seems like our bedrooms just don’t have enough storage space. A great way to accommodate all your belongings, but still have a bedroom that is tidy and presentable, is to invest in a bed that has storage. And thankfully, there are so many different types of beds that have storage in them, that you can pick something that goes with the design of your room seamlessly. Whether you decide to choose a bed that lifts up for storage, or a bed that has cubbies underneath, you can have both fashion and aesthetic design in your bedroom.

Thing Vertically:

When it comes to creating storage space, it’s important to not discredit the space above your head and at your feet. Although they may be inconvenient places to reach, they are perfect for storing things you don’t necessarily need right now- such as winter clothes in the summer, and summer clothes in the winter. However, it’s important to remember to not store anything too heavy in the above compartments, and to use small containers that are lightweight.

Have Off-Site Storage:

If there are things that you simply can’t get rid of, but there isn’t any room in your home, then you may need to find an alternative. An easy way to do this is to rent a storage unit off-site. For a small monthly fee, you can store your items securely out of sight from your home. Having the option of storage is also really beneficial if you are in the middle of moving properties.

Declutter and Downsize:

Instead of trying to find a space for everything- how about you begin downsizing? By getting rid of some of the things you have in your home, you can create more space in your home, and maximise the space that is already there. Alongside creating more space in your home, decluttering gives you the chance to reorganise your home, and perhaps find some things that you forgot existed!

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