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Aren’t we all looking to constantly reinvent our looks? We try different kinds of makeup and jewellery to help us achieve a new look each time we step out. Besides all these, there is one tiny piece of jewellery that transforms your look within a matter of seconds.

It’s a nosepin!

Wearing nose pins goes back centuries in India and they are said to have several benefits for the mind and the body. That’s not all! Wearing one makes you look quirky, edgy, and bold.

To achieve all this, you don’t have to stick to the same old done-to-death designs. This piece of jewellery can be styled in hundreds of ways, with some of the best ones listed here:

  • A statement piece: Nose pins should be anything but boring. To help you stand out, there are some amazing statement pieces available out there. There are some super amazing trendy nose pins designs to choose from such as a trishul, an ‘aum’, shield, peacock, or even quirky ‘akshar’ nose pins that define you in a word.
  • Septum nose pin: This super quirky style is absolutely to do for! Worn on the bottom of the nose, this spells out rebellion and personality. Having been worn for centuries, this stunning piece has made a comeback and is a must-try style of nose pins. And the best part is that you can wear it even if you don’t have a piercing. Pick up a pretty floral or geometric design while on a lunch date or an evening movie with friends and see all eyes turn on you.
  • Nath-style nose pin: A gorgeous take on the traditional bridal nath, these smaller versions are perfect for weddings and festivities. These combine a nose ring and a chain that goes all the way to the back of your ear and is fixed into your hair. For an even more beautiful effect, choose naths studded with precious stones to add that stunning glint to your traditional outfits.
  • Nose hoop rings: The latest styles to be seen around and one of the coolest ones at that, nose hoops are oversized nose rings. Choose either plain hoops or those studded with diamonds or other coloured gemstones. These not only look unique but also lend you a classy and elegant charm at the same time. These hoops go well with traditional Indian outfits. To take your style quotient notches higher, look for the latest models of gold necklace online to pair them up with.
  • Diamond nose studs: Diamond nose studs are probably the classiest styles of nose jewellery to opt for. To give them a more modern twist, choose an oversized diamond stud and see the resplendent glitter on your face. While these look great embedded in yellow gold, to give them a quirkier look, you can get them customized in yellow or rose gold. Some of the loveliest designs that you can choose are a diamond flower or a sun-shaped diamond.
  • Double nose studs: While the mention of double nose studs may make you nervous, but trust us it looks gorgeous. Though this is not a new style and has been in existence for centuries in the southern part of the country, it’s quirky enough to be tried at least once. To borrow from the traditional ‘mukuthi’, you can get either tiny or oversized disc-shaped nose studs and wear them on both sides of the nostrils.

In the end, how you style your nose pin depends completely on your taste. The key to pulling off any new look is to have fun with it and wear it with confidence.

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