The author of the comic book “Star girl,” Geoff Johns, gives readers a wealth of excitement and fast-paced action centered around the protagonist, teenager Courtney Whit more. Fans of the popular comic appreciated that Warner Brothers selected the comic book as the basis for their engaging television series. The comic book sets the stage for the televised live-action version and remains the key to enjoying the story in all its formats.


Inspired by the tragic death of his young sister in an airplane accident, writer Geoff Johns based his heroic character, Stargirl, on his sister. After Courtney’s mother remarries, Whit more relocates with her mom and stepfather to a new city. Arriving at her new home and finding a cosmic staff, Whit more concludes that her stepparent, Pat Dugan, formerly acted as an associate of the superhero named Star man. Becoming Pat’s teammate under the mantle of the Justice League and Justice Society of America, Courtney joins Pat in this extraordinary role to fight evil perpetrated by the villainous Injustice League and Injustice Society of America members.


Before her Justice Society of America days, Courtney Whit more was a typical high school student who hung out with her friends and enjoyed the same activities as they did. But in the comicbook, her move from her home in Los Angeles to her new residence in the fictional Blue Valley, Nebraska, leads to her realization about her stepfather’s former associations and activities, which sets in motion the story for “Stargirl.”


Courtney Elizabeth Whit more is the teenaged protagonist of “Stargirl.” Courtney Whit more first appeared in the comic book “Stars and S. T. R. I. P. E.,” written by Johns, with Lee Moder and Dan Davis providing artwork. In “Stargirl,” she initially goes by the moniker of the Star-Spangled Kid, referring to Pat Dugan’s former assistant, but later takes the name of Star girl. Other important story characters include her mother, Barbara Whit more-Dugan and Pat Dugan, her stepfather. He appeared in his initial crime fighting days as S. T. R. I. P. E. Cameron Mahkent, son of physicist Dr.Joar Mahkent, joined together to form the evil Icicle, two of the main antagonists in the comic’s plot. They comprise critical members of a group of supervillains known as the Injustice League. In addition, Henry King, Sr, a neurosurgeon, is the Injustice Society of American’s cohort known as Brainwave.

Although, like most comicbook stories, one would expect to see a “hero’s journey” explored, “Stargirl” also brings with it the complexities of teenagers navigating the world of approaching adulthood and growing into their destinies. Courtney Whit more certainly portrays this common dilemma that all teens face, lending in a world of alien experiences a nevertheless familiar and compassionate spin for readers of “Stargirl.”

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