Beach weddings portray elegance, style, class, and so much more. It can be quite fun to prepare for one, but there are several elements that you must think about, from the wedding bouquet to the wedding photographer. Use our preparation for a beach wedding checklist to make sure your day is one made in heaven.

A huge piece of advice we can offer, no matter if you are planning a beach wedding or not, is to schedule several extra minutes into your day for various activities for your big event. For example, if you are getting hitched on the beach, but your party is a couple block away, plan extra time for guests to get there. We often think it will take less time, but in actuality, it generally takes more.

Encourage your wedding partyto bring a bag to store their day of items in. These things mightinclude deodorant, a razor, makeup, hair spray, and other items they will need to get ready to see you say I do. Things that should go in the bride’s bag include the rings, an extra copy of the wedding vows, an extra pair of sandals or shoes, money, and the marriage license.

You should also plan on having a small emergency kit with you. Things that you might consider putting in there include breath mints, safety pins, bandaids, a nail file, stain remover, gum, aspirin, deodorant, a few water bottles, tampons, a pack of tissues, hand sanitizer, floss, lint roller, and some snacks that are not messy.

A great idea for your beach wedding is to create a chat group to share details about the wedding. Here you can include what times to be where, as well as any other info your wedding party may need.

To document your special day, be sure to have a planned list for your wedding photographer. They will often supply you with a list of pictures that many brides and grooms use, but you might have some other photos you would love to have, such as a picture of you with your godmother, the groom with his nieces and nephews, or even doing an activity, such as picking up seashells. Talk with your wedding photographer beforehand to ensure all shots are taken that you want.

You will also want someone to be in charge towards the end of your celebration. This person will be in charge of grabbing anything left behind, extra party favors, flowers, centerpieces, or whatever you desire. This is one less item for you and your soon-to-be spouse to have to worry about.

If you’re looking to have a beach wedding in Clearwater, FL, Tides of Love Beach Weddings can help you. We have several packages that include preset wedding locations, wedding photographers, and different types of ceremonies.

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