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In modern society, where the internet is an essential component of work, school and everyday life, having a printer in your home office is crucial. Not only will you need to print off school assignments, important tax documents and company paperwork, but you may also need to scan family pictures or print a digital coloring page to keep the kids occupied. Having your printer in good working order can help you stay on top of all the things you need to keep track of, so you will need to understand how to maintain the unit.

Repairs and Replacements

Most of the time, any replacements you will need with your printer are switching a new ink cartridge for a spent one or replacing paper in the tray. More complicated repairs and replacements may need the help of a printer services Manassas VA company. Most printers have repair, alignment, and diagnostic tools in your printer software package that you can run when you start seeing problems in the printed pages or when prompted to by the unit. If you cannot determine the problem with those tools, it is time to call the professionals.

Regular Use and Cleaning Habits

Using your printer regularly helps keep the cartridges from drying out and can keep dust and debris from gathering on the print heads and other crucial parts. You can also run the printer through a cleaning cycle through your software and make sure that the unit is dusted often. If not used frequently, you can also invest in a dust cover for your unit and make sure that the drivers are updated as needed.

Your printer is an essential piece of equipment for your home office, whether you work from home or use the office for family paperwork and activities. To keep it running better for longer, you should dust it regularly, make sure the drivers are updated as needed and know who to call for repairs.

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