5 Tips Mothers Can Apply So That Children Are Not Disturbed At Home

  • Create through art
  • Try new recipes and cook at the same time
  • Gardening
  • Watch your favorite movies
  • Exercise while the sun goes down

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented children from playing outside the home or attending school. As a result, many children complain of being bored because they are always at home. Well, to banish child boredom while ‘Stay home,’ come on, consider the following tips.

To stop the spread of the Coronavirus, the government recommends everyone do physical detachment and do not travel outside the home except for immediate purposes.

This suggestion can be boring to kids because they have to learn from home and can’t do outdoor activities. In fact, over time, it can cause fever in the cabin, similar to feelings of loneliness, boredom, anxiety due to being separated from home for too long.

5 Tips Mothers Can Apply So That Children Are Not Disturbed At Home

Being full at home is not impossible to cause children to be picky or even cry and leave to rest. If so, parents have to rack their brains to find ways to make kids feel at home.

The following are some tips you can do to eliminate your child’s boredom when you need to stay home because of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Create through art

Drawing and coloring together can be a fun activity to eliminate children’s boredom. Aside from teaching children to be creative with colors and shapes, One line drawing and coloring can also build children’s self-confidence, train their imagination, and amuse them.

Not only drawing, but you can also invite your little one to play music, sing, and dance together. This activity can improve children’s gross motor skills as well as hand and eye coordination. In addition, your child’s interest in music can also grow when he or she sings and dances with Mom.

Try new recipes and cook at the same time

Momentary ‘stay home’ It can be used by mothers to cook with your child. Mothers can choose their child’s favorite food recipes with simple and easy ingredients to make.

Cooking with parents is fun for the child and allows him to learn how to cook the food he wants. However, make sure your child is safe while in the kitchen, yes, Mother.

By cooking with Mother, your child will also learn to appreciate your efforts to cook food for her. In the future, your little one may be more grateful for the food he or she receives and not waste the food.


You can use your home yard to do gardening activities with your little one. If there is no yard in the house, Mother may invite your little one to plant plants in pots.

This activity can be a new experience that is fun and very positive for children. Through gardening, children learn to be responsible, love the environment and nature, and get to know plants.

Watch your favorite movies

Inviting kids to watch their favorite movies can also be a solution to keep kids from getting bored at home. While accompanying your child to watch a film, learn vegetables name for kids, Mother can teach him or her good things from the movie.

Exercise while the sun goes down

While at home, invite your little one to work out in the morning while the sun goes down. It doesn’t take long, Bun, only 15-30 minutes.

Regular exercise while warming up in the sun is good for maintaining the child’s body and strengthening bones and stamina. Remember, even if it’s just at home, try to keep your child actively moving to keep their body healthy and avoid excess weight.

Those are some activities you can do with your little one to get rid of boredom while at home. However, continue to exercise caution with COVID-19 in these activities, yes, Bun.

While at home, Father and Mother can also try to explain the Coronavirus to their children to understand why not everyone is allowed to travel while the Coronavirus is an outbreak.

It can also be an effective way to deal with anxiety if the child is experiencing 3d drawing ideas.

If you need a consultation, vaccination for your child, or a direct examination from the doctor while at home, you should not go straight to the hospital. It will increase the risk of getting the Coronavirus.

So, neither mom chats first with the doctor in line with the Alodokter application or makes an appointment with a hospital doctor through this application to instruct you to see the nearest doctor who can help you.

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