A strong sense of identity can be a vital part to living a healthy, happy personal life. When translating those attributes to your professional life, building a personal brand that conveys who you are can be equally as important. Yet, with all the hats you wear each day, presenting a personal brand that conveys your multifaceted skills as a concise representation of what you bring to the table can be difficult.

University of Phoenix academic counselors help professionals bring clarity to their personal brand by harnessing a tried-and-true formula put forward by The Conversation. This network of nonprofit media outlets knows how to help individuals and businesses find their voice and cultivate their brand identity.

Professionals who frame their personal brand to emphasize coherence, meaning, value, authenticity, commitment and vision can set themselves apart from other applicants in a highly competitive job market. A personal brand that meets this criteria can demonstrate to potential employers that a candidate has a strong vision for their professional identity and a path toward future success.

Hitting Each Mark

Coherence – You should know yourself better than anyone else. Cultivating a personal brand that coherently expresses what you are about can bring clarity to your job candidacy as employers review resumes. When crafting a personal brand, professionals should be able to clearly convey their skills and education as well as their personal mission and the purpose behind their ambition to be hired for a role.

Meaning – A firm sense of purpose lies at the core of any successful organization. A company motto, mission or statement of intent expressly communicates the meaning behind a company so that customers, investors and employees know what drives their efforts. This is no different from a personal brand. When selling yourself to a prospective employer, explaining the meaning behind your goals shows that you are more than just another candidate. Hiring managers can see that you will fit into the company’s culture and have the drive necessary to contribute to their success.

Value – One of the biggest investments of anyone’s time and energy can be their pursuit of education and the hard work that goes into acquiring the skills needed for a specific career. Putting what you learn in a classroom into practice in the right job is where all your effort can pay off. You have more to offer than ever before, and your personal brand should express the value you offer an employer. This means marketing your skills, competencies and education to illustrate what makes you the right person for the job. When highlighted properly, your accomplishments will speak for themselves and show that you are primed to succeed. Don’t be afraid to show your worth: an aura of confidence can show that you are able to tackle whatever challenges arise.

Authenticity – Make sure that your personal brand is genuine. While you list skills, express meaning and convey value, the impact can be lost if you seem disingenuous. Be sure not to lose sight of the fact that your brand should be a representation of who you are as an individual. Everything you present to a potential employer should seem sincere and show your character beyond just your resume.

Commitment – Getting the job is just the beginning. While the steps you’ve taken to be in a position to be hired are a testament to your commitment, the effort does not stop there. Your personal brand should highlight your commitment to your professional development. Take note of achievements that show how you have gone above and beyond in academics and employment to make it clear you bring dedication to every role. Commitment can help you earn trust and show your intent to work toward a future for yourself as a part of an organization for the long term.

Vision – In the same way that coherence frames the initial outlook of your brand, vision drives a plan to reality. This perspective should not just be about how you see yourself. It’s also about how you view the ambitions fueling your growth. Consider what you have achieved as well as what success will look like for you moving forward. Sharing this with a prospective  employer can help visualize the impact and growth potential for their company with you on the team.

The Importance of Making Your Personal Brand Work for You

While refining a personal brand can be essential for professionals to remain marketable in an evolving economy, your brand is about much more impressing hiring managers. A personal brand is a way to reflect on yourself, your hard work, your future, and the value you add to others. A career path can be full of highs and lows. But possessing a carefully crafted sense of self is vital to dealing with changes, learning from mistakes and reveling in success.

Building a personal brand makes any employee an asset to themselves as well as their employer. Leveraging social media platforms can also help professionals enhance their outcomes by making connections and presenting a consistent, specialized image. They can be helpful for marketing a personal brand as you continue to drive your growth, be receptive to new opportunities, find the right role and chart the course of your career on your own terms.

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