Halloween mummies recipes


Halloween day is coming, so here we prepare some mummies for Halloween recipes with which you can make a delicious meal terrifying. Do not miss Halloween Recipes Mummies.

Halloween mummies

If the presentation of a dish is always something that we have to take great care of, this time, we have to take it even more into account since our main objective will be to have a delicious and terrifying meal simultaneously. 

Mummies with sausage and puff pastry

On this occasion, we have prepared some mummies with sausages and puff pastry with which you can turn an effortless meal into something unique and fun that both children and adults can prepare.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that I am not going to give you exact amounts because there are many variables that you will have to consider.

On the one hand, the size of the sausages varies, which will also make the amount of puff pastry you need different; on the other hand, you can make mummies of impressive sizes or choose mini mummies to prepare at home with ease.

As you can see, you can also prepare this recipe with the little ones in the house and get them closer to the kitchen in a fun way, getting involved in each dish they usually enjoy more when they eat them.

Ideal for vegetarians

Another important fact is if you have vegetarians at home, you can also prepare them. The only thing you have to keep in mind is changing the meat sausages to vegetarian sausages. They combine perfectly with the puff pastry, giving it a mild and pleasant flavour.



Sausage mummies

Lay the puff pastry sheet on a flat surface and shred it with a sharp knife.

Next, you take a sausage and roll the strip a little at one of the ends of the head and then leave a space of link without puff pastry and continue lowering the strip of puff pastry around the sausage to the other end.

On the same paper of the puff pastry sheet, you place the mummies and paint them with a beaten egg, put it in the oven previously preheated to a temperature of 180 degrees and when they are golden, you take them out.

In my case, I have painted the eyes with a toothpick and a little mustard. I have put them diagonally to look disturbing, but you can use ketchup, spices such as pepper or cloves, etc.


Similar to what we have seen but much more straightforward are the “crunchy” mummies that we will explain to you now and are ideal for serving as an appetiser.

Based on celery, cheese and ham, these mummies will be a success this Halloween 2016. Let’s see how they prepare.


  • 1 cup cream cheese
  • Ten pieces of celery (cut in half)
  • Cooked ham
  • Ten sweetened dried cranberries


We started by placing the cream cheese in a resealable plastic food storage bag. Then, we cut off one of the corners of the pack.

This will allow us to have a tube to pass the cream cheese over each of the pieces of celery we arranged on a tray.

We cut the cooked ham into small rectangular portions to place crosswise on the cheese (look at the photo).

In this way, the ham will be as if our mummy were wearing bandages, and we will have to use the tip of a knife to insert the ends along the edge of the celery.

We take the blueberries, and we cut them into small pieces that will be the eyes of the mummy for this simple recipe you can make in a matter of minutes.


And so that this Halloween is entirely terrifying, we continue with another recipe that also has to do with trying to make some mummies.

They are small mummy-shaped pizzas that will drive children crazy. They will go for them as soon as they see them; the best thing is that they are effortless to make.


  • Pizza mass
  • Ketchup
  • string cheese
  • black olives 


We make them with ready-made pizza dough they sell in supermarkets, but you can take and make your dough (with water, flour, and olive oil).

As I said, we take the pizza dough, and then we begin to spread the tomato sauce on it, which you can also buy ready-made, although I prefer to make my sauce by adding a little onion and oregano (although it’s up to each person’s taste).

We spread the sauce well over each piece of dough (if it is large, we cut them into small round portions to make the mini-pizzas), ensuring that it is well covered.

Recipes-Halloween-mummy-mini pizzas-cheese

Once we have placed the cheese, we take the cheese into strips, and we have to cut it. This cheese (see the photo above) is usually cylindrical, so it is best to cut thin strips, and it will be much better that way.

We extend the strips of cheese (which we have cut to the size of the mini pizza), and we cross them so that they fit as if they were the bandages of our mummy.

Once this is done, we take the black olives and cut them into slices, placing two for each pizza as if they were the eyes of the mummy.

We only have to put them in the oven at 180 degrees and for about five minutes since they are small, and you will see that they have been done right away. If you want them a little more “burnt”, you can leave them a little longer but always control the time.

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