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Home to some of the best colleges and organisations in the country, Coimbatore is becoming quite a hub for young migrants looking to improve their lives in recent years. And moving to the city can be a huge change, especially if you’re from North India. Not only do you have to navigate the ups and downs of starting a new job or course, but you also have to get used to the cuisine, the language, the local culture, make new friends and familiarize yourself with the travel routes in the city. And of course, the first thing you need to do to ensure that everything else goes smoothly is to find a good hostel in Saravanampatti that’s comfortable and provides you with every amenity.

If you’ve just moved to Coimbatore and you’re still deliberating about what type of accommodation to look for, we have to say that going with the crowd and choosing one of the new-age hostels in the city is definitely a good idea. There are some managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living that provide luxurious hostel accommodation that are perfect for any newcomers to Coimbatore. But if you’re unsure whether to go for a hostel or just find a flat, let us be the ones to convince you. Here’s why a well-managed hostel is the best bet for you in Coimbatore.


How much does it cost to live in a rented apartment? There’s the rent, of course, but there’s also the cost of furniture, domestic help, maintenance, groceries, service bills, utilities and more. And with a ton of these being recurring expenses, you could end up losing anywhere from a third to half of your entry-level salary to living expenses each month. On the other hand, a hostel will provide you with all of this and more in a single, all-inclusive price. And a professional place like Stanza Living will also take the hassle of household management out of the picture.

Proximity to your college or workplace

If you’re renting a flat for yourself, you’ll have to decide where to stay based on your budget and the best residential areas on offer in the city. And both these factors can take you further away from your place of work or study. But when it comes to hostels and PGs, these accommodations exist solely to cater to migrants looking for a home in a new city. Which means that you’re sure to find a hostel within walking distance of the city’s best institutions and commercial areas. So, you can take your pick of hostels based on your convenience, rather than worrying about their location.

Amenities and services

Speaking of convenience, a hostel is also going to provide you with some additional amenities that you wouldn’t find in a flat. From meals to internet services, laundry facilities to security, to being able to borrow your roommate’s shoes, there are a tonne of perks to living in a hostel that will make your life a whole lot simpler and stress-free.

Community feeling

Let’s be real, it can be lonely moving to a new city. But when you live in a hostel, you’re surrounded by other people who are in the same boat. If you want some company as you check out the places to visit in Coimbatore, you can turn to your roommate. If you want to borrow something for a short period of time, your co-residents can help you out. And when the homesickness blues hit, you’ll find that the community vibe of your hostel can make it feel like your second home.

With all these benefits within your reach, it’s no wonder that most newcomers in Coimbatore choose to live in professionally managed hostel accommodations. So, that’s what you should do too. There are plenty of options for you to check out online so do your research and select one that’s just the right fit for you.

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