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Since a researcher puts a lot of time and effort into conducting his or her study, it’s unfair if a research article is rejected for linguistic or stylistic reasons rather than for its superior scientific merit. However, in the world of science, the publication and dissemination of a research project and its results is as important as the conduct of the study itself. The likelihood of a reputable journal accepting your work is increased by skilful research and a well-written thesis. In this blog post, we present you with the top 10 style mistakes to avoid when writing your research paper.

A broad research paper that strays from the topic

Before you choose a topic, you should be clear about the question of your thesis. Why do you want to investigate this question and how can the results help you and others? This will help you organise the data in your article. If your study deals with several topics, write a separate article for each topic. Always focus on your research topic and summarise each section briefly and directly.

 Poorly formatted paper

Remember to read the journal’s rules of authorship before submitting your paper. Before submitting your paper, research and read the instructions carefully. This will help you to structure your paper properly and prevent you from making many stylistic mistakes. You can also look at the newly published articles on the journal’s website. This will help you to get the instructions on the page. However, if there’s a discrepancy between the author guidelines and the journal’s published articles, always stick to the criteria!

Use sophisticated language

Avoid using excessive jargon or long, complicated words in your essay. Consider the reader’s point of view and keep a simple tone. This helps to keep the reader interested in your essay. Write sparingly and try to avoid redundancy. Be inventive and use a thesaurus if a term needs to be explained more than once in your essay.

Poor abstraction

Stick to the given word limit in your abstract. It should highlight only the most important aspects of your work and summarise each part succinctly. The only exception to this rule is to mention the most important work for the study in the abstract (usually limited to one or two citations). Make your summary exciting and engaging enough to entice readers to read the rest of your paper, as it’s likely to be the first part of your essay that they’ll read.

Poorly chosen keywords

Another typical mistake is choosing too many or ineffective keywords for your content. The right keywords, which should be no more than 4-6 words, will affect how a search engine crawls your material. Try to include the most frequently occurring terms in your text (including article headings and subheadings).

Disorganised/inconsistent floaters

The tables, figures, charts, graphs, pictures, etc. that make up a document are called floating elements. These elements must be correctly mentioned in the text and given sequential numbers throughout the report. If any of these elements have been taken from another source, you must always acknowledge the source.

Non-extended shorthand

The reader can be confused by undefined abbreviations. As a general guideline, you should use the abbreviated form for all subsequent occurrences and give the full expansion for the first occurrence. The reader will benefit from better clarity. Abbreviations that consist of a group of initial letters of a sentence that often forms an independent word, such as NASA and RADAR, on the other hand, don’t need to be expanded.

Incorrectly structured, not referenced or listed and missing references

The three most important points to keep in mind when dealing with source citations are: consistent formatting according to the prescribed journal style, listing all source citations cited in the text at the end of the article and, conversely, citing all source citations listed in the text and, if available, providing full source citations. This will increase the findability of both your study and the references cited.

Non-English information that’s not been translated

Don’t forget to include the English translations for the article’s metadata if you’re writing your paper in a language other than English. This mainly includes the title of the article, the author(s), the affiliation(s), the abstract, the keywords and the bibliography.

Failure to proofread your work

Always proofread your manuscript before submitting it to a publication, preferably more than once. Run a spell check to see if everything is in order, and make sure the text is appropriate and sufficient to support the research. Have your article reviewed by a friend, a collaborator or an editor.

These tips are intended to reduce the likelihood of your articles being rejected for grammatical or stylistic problems, and to help you get your articles published as quickly as possible. I send you my best wishes!

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