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Willing to study in Canada but know nothing about what to do or how to study in Canada? Well, this blog is for the beginners like you. Here, we have brought ultimate strategies for you to study in Canada from Nepal. If you are a newbie and planning to study in Canada then the first thing you must know is that an international student can study in Canada only if he or she has a Canada study permit. Wondering how to get it? Well, below we have mentioned some important steps you should follow to get a Canadian study permit and study abroad in Canada from nepal. Keep reading.

1.  Choose Best Course in Best University

. Otherwise, you may end up choosing a course or a university that is not suitable for your further studies. Always do a careful analysis while choosing a course or a university in Canada.

While choosing a course, always consider your interest and analyze if the course you are choosing will pay you off in the future or not. On the other hand, while choosing a university, you must not consider the popularity of a university rather choose a university that is best known for offering quality education at an affordable fee. Consider applying to an institute whose fees range between $100 and $250. Some institutes even offer scholarships to study in Canada. So don’t forget to go through such institutes as well.

Make sure the college or university you choose is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) because internationals students are only allowed to study in Designated Learning Institutions in Canada.

2.  Take the Language Proficiency Test

International students must prove their proficiency in English to get an easy entry into Canada for their further studies. IELTS is the preferred English Proficiency Test. Some institutions also accept TOEFL exam scores. Keep in mind that different universities ask for different IELTS or TOFEL scores to admit a student. The IELTS/TOFEL score requirements also depend on which program you have chosen. You can join IELTS/TOFEL preparation classes to boost up your score.

3.  Receive Acceptance Letter

You must provide accurate information with all the required documents and evidence asked while applying to a Canadian university. Once you have applied for a course in an institute in Canada, you will have to wait for an acceptance letter from the institute. The acceptance letter plays a vital role in the formalities ahead.

4.  Apply for a Study Permit

Once you receive the acceptance letter from the college, you are now eligible to apply for the Canada study permit. You can apply for the study permit online or visit a local visa application center. You must accompany your acceptance letter while applying for a Study Permit. Once your application is approved then you will have an interview where you will have to convince an immigration officer that you will no longer stay in Canada after completing your studies.

5.  Travel to Canada

Once you pass the interview, you will get your Canada study permit which will have a date start date. Note that you are not allowed to enter Canada before that date. Plan your travel to Canada accordingly. 

As the application process for the Canada study permit may take months, we recommend you to start planning for the permit at least one year earlier. 

If you are a beginner and want some guidance to study in Canada from Nepal then you must contact Goreto Educational Consultancy. They will help you throughout the college selection process to the visa application process. Goreto Educational Consultancy has been consulting Nepalese students to study in Canada for more than a decade and it is considered to be one of the best educational consultancies for Canada in Nepal.

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