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MIM program which is also known as the Master in Management is a postgraduate program which is provided with advanced general management knowledge to people who have business bachelor degrees. One can always enrol for this program no matter if they have studied business before or not. One can go for an MIM program with a Master of Science or a Master of Arts degree as well.

Management degrees are mostly created as cheaper alternatives and also as a precursor of MBA degrees as these courses mostly provide introductory knowledge on leadership and entrepreneurship. Now, the question is, why should one go for an MIM program instead of an MBA?

Well, as per studies, there are many advantages for enrolling into these programs. It does not require one to have work experience as a part of the admission procedure. In fact, an MIM degree can help one to develop many managerial and leadership skills and help one to participate in any internship opportunities which can help one to gain practical experiences.

Now the names of the MIM programs can vary from one college to another; depending on the specific curriculum. One can also use other names like M.Sc. in International Business, M.Sc. in Management and some more.

Here are some major benefits for going for this course:

  • MIM program has been on rising popularity not only in Asia but also in Canada, Europe and Australia. Most of these programs are designed keeping international students in mind and hence the course is offered entirely in English. Some of the main subjects that are discussed in class are organisational behaviour, management theory and some other important aspects of the business world. That is why; this course has a worldwide appeal.
  • In this case most of the courses have a worldwide partnership with top corporations and business schools. There are some Master’s in Management programs which also provide one with international experience to travel to various countries and then gain insights from various global leaders.
  • One of the greatest advantages of MIM provides a way to advance one’s business knowledge immediately after completing the bachelor’s program. Classic business degrees like an MBA can usually require a considerable amount of initial work experience to be admitted. But when one is going for MIM programs then they never require work experience requirements which make it easier for the applicants. In fact, MIM provide with the basis of a great career start and help the fresh graduates to find a good job in an increasingly young filled job market.
  • These courses offer an in depth theoretical class which come with a great learning environment. In addition, one can also choose from a wide range of interesting electives like e commerce, psychology of money, business ethics and many more. Within some MIM courses one can also choose to learn a second language which can be a great requirement later on.

Hence enrolling for an MIM program helps one to learn more versatile things which make them more fit for the global employment market.

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