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Cannabis capsules have seen a shift from use for medicinal purposes to widespread availability due to their convenience and ease of use. They are often preferred by those who cannot or prefer not to smoke cannabis, such as parents with young children, older people, and those whose work requires them to be alert.

Capsules can also be helpful when you would like to avoid the sometimes unpleasant taste of cannabis. The oil used in the capsules is flavorless (and can even help mask any food smells associated with cooking with cannabis). Some individuals resort to using CBC capsules if they experience problems after eating large quantities of edibles, usually resulting in sedation or sleepiness. However, there are several factors you can consider when ordering your capsules. The list below includes a few things to keep in mind when deciding which supplier and products are best for your circumstances:

Convenience and Discretion

Cannabis capsules can be taken anywhere, and they do not produce the tell-tale smell of cannabis. If discretion is important, you can look for CBC capsules in small sizes (around 10-20 mg) or with organic sunflower oil as the carrier. That will make it easier to hide the contents within food or drink without altering its flavor too much.

If you prefer convenience, then hemp seed oil may be preferable because it has no taste and easily blends into beverages such as tea and smoothies. However, ensure that this type of CBD capsule may not be as discrete as one containing sunflower oil or other flavorless oils.


Only purchase CBD capsules certified by Food and Drug authorities to indicate they have been manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices regulations. That ensures the consistency and quality of the product. Furthermore, you should always ensure your supplier is transparent about its extraction process. For instance, you need to consider using CO2 or ethanol instead of potentially hazardous solvents like butane or hexane to extract CBD from the plant material.

Capsule Size and Dosing Amount

If you are purchasing CBD capsules online, most companies will display a recommended dosage on their website for each size available in their selection. However, this is not an accurate way of determining the dosage you are ingesting but is suitable for comparison purposes. If you are planning to alternate between taking CBD capsules and smoking cannabis, consider purchasing a larger size (30-50mg) to allow yourself enough product to medicate with both methods in one sitting.

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