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Understandably, Digital Marketing is the process of promoting a business or an entity through single or multiple forms of digital means. Digital promotional needs of various marketers for various products and situations vary. So, do the digital marketing channel or channels which they choose, employ and deploy. In this article, we are discussing how a Single Channel and Multiple Channels can be relevantly used for your Digital Marketing efforts given your context, situation and product line.

Single Channel Digital Marketing

A pertinent question that often comes to the Digital Marketer is: ‘How many channels do I use for the upcoming promotional campaign?’ The deciding factor here is the Digital Marketer himself. That is you. Based on your product, budget, team strength, availability of time, breadth of online presence need to be created, depth of promotion needed  and expected results, you can choose either a single channel or multiple channel for your digital campaign. Though digital marketing is broad-based involving Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMO), Content Marketing (Inbound Marketing), YouTube Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Analytics and such things, it does not mean that you cannot achieve your digital marketing goals through a Single Digital Marketing Channel.

A single channel such as Facebook or a Business Directory can be best and effectively used to promote your business – given the relevance and context. For example, if you want to target a specific audience for your Real Estate business or Property, you can choose Facebook Ads to effectively segment your audience through Facebook Ads’ Audience and Location settings. Or, if you are a Machinery Supplier, you can list your business in the right categories with all exhaustive and inclusive description content and pictures in a popular or active Industrial or Niche Directory with add-ons features such as Premium Listing and Category Topper, and Banner Ads. Your job is done. In both the Facebook Ad and Directory Listing cases, if your objective is Reach, Lead Generation (Inbound Leads) and Relevant Audience Targeting, they are perfectly achieved.

Multi Channel Digital Marketing

Multi Channel Promotion refers to using multiple digital marketing platforms for a campaign. Multi Channel Digital Marketing means releasing and distributing your digital content in multiple forms and types such as web pages, digital profiles, articles, blogs, posts, news, keywords, graphics, videos, URL links, downloadable e-assets, etc., through multiple digital fronts like your website, blog, case studies, social media, directories, video sites, image sharing sites, social/url sharing sites, discussion forums, stories sites, press releases distribution and release sites, etc.

Multi Channel promotion enables wide reach and distribution of your URLs, content and keywords and enables mixed results with high and better conversions in a long-term perspective. With the right strategy in place, you can get desirable time-bound results and  far-reaching impact. Digital White Labels, one of the best link building companies, guides with Multi Channel Digital Marketing and makes it work best for your link building efforts across platforms.

Single vs Multiple Channels: Reach

When it comes to digital marketing, given your bandwidth in terms of campaign budget and team size, you may opt for either Single Channel or Multiple Channels. Whatever is chosen and done, it is all about content clarity, completeness, inclusiveness, planning and implementation. Poorly conceived and executed strategies are never going to help you achieve your objectives. Proper understanding of the tools and platforms to be employed and their scope of performance will help you get thumping success. You can use Single Channel or Multiple Channels for both your inbound marketing and outbound marketing initiatives to reach your target audience effectively and achieve your objectives.

Single vs Multiple Channels: Effectiveness

In a comparison between Single Channel or Multiple Channels Digital Marketing for what works best, multi channel option is the ideal choice. Given the market being heterogeneous in nature with different audiences being active, using different content types to find what they want, consuming various forms of content and using different platforms for varying purposes, one size does not fit all.

Single vs Multiple Channels: Advantages

Single Channel Promotion

The advantage of going with a Single Channel is majorly the cost efficiency. Moreover, you save a lot of time not having to plan, create, publish and schedule multiple formats of content and maintain multiple online platforms. If you are not a content writer and have limited skill, understanding and knowledge on the use and handling of online media platforms, you may pay the single channel or platform owner to get your business details published or promoted. With a Single Channel, you will be able to give more attention and focus, and dedicate concerted efforts to build your brand and promote your content in the right way. These reasons make the Single Channel Promotion advantageous.

Multi Channel Promotion

Multiple Channel Promotion enables reaching your content across a broad spectrum of audiences because of their varying capabilities and appeals to multiple audience sets which a Single Channel may fail to achieve. Even people with limited learning and understanding abilities can be effectively reached with a mix of content types like text, images, infographics and videos through Multiple Channel Promotion. Multiple Channel Promotion being multifaceted and multi-pronged is advantageous to reach multivarious audiences. Check for a comprehensive understanding.

Single vs Multiple Channels: Relevance & Context

In marketing, Apply what the Supply needs. Having said, in digital marketing give those inputs that you want your outputs for. Smart digital marketing strategy is creating one with the needs and objectives of your overall digital marketing plan – short-term/long term, content mix, target audience, branding/sales, regional/global, etc. In all respects, the relevance and context need to be maintained without being diluted and compromised. You have to use appropriate media or promotion channels with the right fit to achieve your goals and objectives.


Digital White Labels is one of the best link building company, Having said, irrespective of the number of channels that you use, a good digital marketing campaign with a great strategy. So, spend your time in understanding your market, potential audiences, market undercurrents and trends, finding and researching the right keywords, hashtags, anchor texts, platforms to promote and then select those platforms, put everything together and launch your campaign. Mere numbers do not fetch the results without right planning. Make course corrections whenever necessary even during the campaign to reassure everything is on the right track. Start Rightly. Steer Smartly.

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