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Heated tobacco products are less risky and a great modern-day smoking alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Glo Hyper+ is the latest HTP, which offers a balanced and satisfying experience right from the start to finish. The device is designed for the consumer’s mind.

The design is ergonomic with round edges, soft touching finishes, and lightweight. Consumers want a different experience and Glo Hyper+ offers two usage alternatives – Standard & Boost modes. With a single charge, consumers can enjoy 20 sessions and use 3 times in succession without any break. The device gets fully charged within 3.5 hours.

Check, an online platform to buy high-quality HTP at affordable rates. Hyper+ operates on Induction Heating technology that delivers a tobacco heating experience for a better and quick taste.

How do Glo device works?

There is a tube in the device, where you insert a tobacco rod. When you activate it, the battery-powered heating chamber heats the tobacco at 260° and prepares the device for a session.

Difference between smoking regular cigarettes and Glo Hyper+

  • Glo Hyper+ heats the tobacco without combustion. Therefore there is no emission of cigarette smoke but aerosol.
  • Traditional cigarette burns the tobacco at 900°C. Due to combustion at high temperatures tobacco generates a lot of carcinogens and toxic. In Glo, there is no burning just heating of tobacco, so the level of toxicity produced is low.
  • Traditional cigarettes produce ash and odor but with Glo Hyper+ there is no ash left because of induction heating technology.

Safety features of Glo Hyper+

There are several safety features you will find in Glo Hyper+.

Battery temperature sensors – Shuts down automatically when the device gets very hot.

Sensors – Sensors can even identify metal tube temperature, which shuts the device if it gets too heated.

Software mechanism – Measures the energy that runs across the device and shuts the device if energy flow is abnormal.

Neo sticks

The Neo sticks are made from real tobacco, processed tobacco, flavors, and glycerol. The stick also is wrapped in a filter. The taste to expect from tobacco is different than usual cigarettes. The taste is generated from tobacco heating instead of burning. It may seem a little unfamiliar to what you usually taste from customary cigarettes but you may get used in a short time.

The nicotine level is similar to cigarettes in Neo sticks. They are single-use and cannot be reused. When you remove the Neo stick after the session ends, the color will be black or dark brown. If you see a dark-colored mark on the stick then it is time to clean your devices.

Benefits of switching from vaping to Glo Hyper+

  • Pricing is attractive.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Many flavors of Neo sticks are available.
  • Has a thick filter, so consumers can feel and taste more tobacco.

Consumers, who have a history of cigarettes may find it easy to quit their smoking habit. They may experience poor tobacco flavor but slowly get used to it. They will be less exposed to first and second-hand smoke.

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