Many in the tobacco business predicted that vaping would be phased out a decade ago. However, this has been the case for many decades. By the mid-twentieth century, medical specialists had all agreed that smoking caused chronic ailments. People should either cease smoking or quit completely. Despite the tobacco industry’s best efforts to acquire new customers, the smoking rate continues to plummet yearly.

Smoking rates are declining, but this does not always pose a danger to the industry. They haven’t, however, posed a direct threat. Populations are increasing. In 1982, the smoking rate in the United Kingdom was 35%. In 2018, this figure was 14.7 percent. Because of population growth throughout those years, the number of smokers in the UK fell from about 19.7 million to 9.7 million.

Vaping is a method of making cigarettes obsolete. Cigarette corporations have been compelled to find safer alternatives to avoid losing money. The most well-known of these options is IQOS (Philip Morris International). This article will describe IQOS and how it compares to vaping.

What Exactly Is IQOS?

IQOS, a vaping-like electronic gadget, distributes nicotine through inhalation. It does not, however, emit toxic chemicals or smoke. IQOS is created with tobacco, whereas vaping is created with nicotine-laced liquid. The heating system heats the tobacco until the nicotine is converted to vapor. It does not, however, cause the tobacco to burn and does not emit smoke.

The iqos iluma is a battery-powered electronic gadget with a temperature-controlled heating blade. It may be used with Heatsticks (or HEETs) and tobacco sticks that look like cigarettes. They come in packs of 20 and cost the same as cigarettes. The Heatsticks is taken from its packaging and inserted into the IQOS. The IQOS heating blade pierces the Heatsticks center. When you inhale, the blade warms the heated tobacco sticks, releasing nicotine and scent.

Tobacco does not produce much vapor when heated. To manufacture tobacco, propylene is used in Heatsticks. This component may also be found in several e-liquids. Propylene glycol is in charge of transporting nicotine from the tobacco stick into your body. It also produces visible clouds that mimic cigarette smoke.

When it comes to characteristics, IQOS and vaping are extremely similar. Both lessen the negative consequences of nicotine usage by enabling consumers to inhale nicotine vapor rather than smoke. The distinctions between IQOS and vaping become clear only when the specifics are examined.

IQOS Vs. Vaping: Taste

IQOS is an excellent alternative to vaping. It concentrates the tobacco flavor in a specific location. IQOS has no cigarette flavor. Because heated tobacco sticks cannot create smoke, they do not have the same flavor as cigarette smoke. The IQOS Heatsticks includes genuine tobacco and tastes delicious when used. IQOS gives authentic tobacco flavor, which vaping cannot rival.

However, as compared to vaping alternatives, IQOS has a considerable drawback. Whatever flavoring agents apply to a Heatsticks style, it tastes like tobacco. When used for vaping, e-liquids may taste nearly anything. When new vapers first sample the e-liquid, they will likely be disappointed. It does not, however, taste like a cigarette. It’s common to hear stories about people regaining their taste buds after quitting smoking. It will not taste like tobacco, and you will discover that you dislike cigarette smoke. With so many flavors to pick from, you can be confident that you will discover an e-liquid that you enjoy.

IQOS Vs. Vaping: Which Is Safer?

If you are a current smoker of traditional cigarettes or other tobacco products, you should be aware of the safety profile for IQOS. You’re curious whether IQOS is safer than smoking cigarettes. Second, you’d like to know how IQOS compares to vaping.

We have both good and negative news on the safety of IQOS. To begin with, IQOS is less dangerous than smoking. The (FDA) approved the commercialization of IQOS by Philip Morris. They believe switching from smoking to IQOS minimizes exposure and might thus be a healthier nicotine option.


The FDA has verified that heated tobacco sticks manufactured by Philip Morris International are less dangerous than traditional cigarettes. On the other hand, vaping nicotine-infused liquids is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Even if the HEETs in IQOS do not heat the tobacco, but you do, there is still a chance of developing health issues.

The tobacco flavor and scent of the IQOS HEETs will be greater than those of e-cigarettes. It may be advantageous for some smokers. Others see it as a disadvantage. It’s your call. However, we propose that you use an e-cigarette instead of heating HEETs produced from real tobacco as a safer option that will lower the danger.

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